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“Rio 2” Kicks Off Outdoor Movie Nights on August 12

Rio 2”  kicks off our outdoor movie nights on Tuesday, August 12. We hope you can join us and don’t forget to bring blankets and chairs!

  • Doors Open: 6:30 PM
  • Showtime: At dusk, around 8:30 PM (ish)
  • Cost: $3 per person (Children 3 and under are free)
  • Concessions: Pizza will be available for purchase by the slice, along with drinks, popcorn
    and other snacks. All items will cost $2 or less.

Please invite your neighbors and friends at your  Neighborhood Block Party, the more the merrier.
Print out the Outdoor_Movie_Night_flyer-Rio2 and distribute!

Also, Save-the-Date for the next movie night:

  • Tuesday, 8/19/14: Muppets Most Wanted

All proceeds benefit the 4th grade trip to Islandwood!

Thank you, 4th Grade Cohort


Exceeded our 2013-2014 Fundraising Goal!

fundraising thank you poster smaller
We have raised $204, 278.53 as of June 3, 2014. Our goal was $187,000 for the 2013-2014 school year. There are checks still coming in for deposit and will know the final total by July 1 or sooner. This has been an amazing year for all of us. I want to Thank YOU for taking an active part in your child’s learning and supporting the Schmitz Park community as we continue to strive for excellence in academics and personal growth. Schmitz Park IS a great school because of YOU. Thank you for allowing me to be your PTA Fundraising Chair representative this year. I wish you a happy, healthy and safe Summer. See you in the Fall, and around town, Nazleen Patel-Ejarque (Parent of a 2nd grade graduate).

Volunteer Positions – we need you!

Are you ready to help lead our Schmitz Park community and continue a legacy of great parent involvement? We’re looking for parents that have the knowledge and drive to continue to make great things to happen at Schmitz Park.  The PTA Nominating Committee is now accepting nominations for:

  • PTA Board Officers = Help determine PTA direction; voted in; meet 1x per month for PTA board, and 1x per month for General PTA meeting
  • Open Chair Positions = Oversee particular events and activities; not voted in;  only attend relevant meetings
  • Other = Help the above where possible; not voted in;  no meeting requirements

If you are interested in nominate yourself (or someone you know!), please contact Jeff Rayner at

Proposed PTA Board Members 2014/15 (Voted-in)

PresidentGuide the PTA board to ensure you are meeting your PTA’s goals and fulfilling PTA’s missionJoe Turcotte
Vice PresidentServe as president elect of SP PTA, support president in running PTA meetings as needed. Support other SP commitees as needed, identify needs for new initiatives as needed.Robert Kelly
SecretaryThe secretary is responsible for keeping an accurate record of the proceedings of association meetings. These records are the permanent history of the PTA. Promptness, accuracy, and knowledge of PTA policies are key to this job. The secretary should be committed to helping the president conduct a businesslike meetingAlyse HuffordAlyse Hufford
TreasurerUnderstand the status of current fundraising activities, what money is available to be spent versus what is owed, and the bylaws as they relate to the treasurer’s responsibilities. Tom Boyer (roll over)
Vice Treasurer Serve as Treasurer elect, support Treasurer in running financials as needed. Michelle Wonder (appointed)
LegislativeTrack issues that affect the SP community at the district, local state and national levels. Frame issues and decision points for PTA and larger SP community. Create and execute action plans to support PTA positions on issuesEmily Giaquinta & Angela Cough
FundraisingOversee Moveathon, One Campaign and support auction leads. Develop and lead volunteer commitee to support activitiesLorie Bennett & Derek Birnie
CommunicationsCreate content and share across communications vehicles to engage SP community in PTA activities. Manage SP PTA blog, social media accounts and web pages on SPS site.Cheri Libby

Proposed Other Members 2014/15 (non voted-in, including Chairs)


  • Standing roles = year round
  • Special roles = event based positions on an ad hoc (as-needed) basis
Auction Co-ChairHelp coordinate the auctionRob Kelly
Auction ChairHelp coordinate the auctionPam Linxweiler
Bike RodeoOversee this fun event near the end of the school year
CapacityKeep up-to-date on the new school at Genessee Hill and associated issuesEmily Giaquinta
Communications - blog managerKeep our blog as up to date as possible, as this will be our main source of information for parents and the community
Communications - FacebookKeep our FB postings up to date and link them to the blogAnita Lavine
Communications - signageEnsure our main signs reflect the current PTA activities and eventsLorie Bennett, Fiona Preedy
Communications - SPS websiteEnsure the official website through the PTA is maintained and references the PTA blog where appropriateLorie Bennett, Fiona Preedy
Give BackOversee the GiveBack campaign, work with local businesses and support procurement activitiesJeff Rayner
Membership Recruitment of members, lead member engagement and benefitsJeff Rayner
Move-A-ThonOversee the MATKara Centioli, Jodie Bennett
PassportAssist with ensuring our Passport program is running as neededJen Watt
ProcurementHelp garner conversations and donations from local businessesAthena Fjeld, Melissa Pederssen
Parent EducationWork with teachers, PTA board and blog manager to ensure educational content is relevant and helpful. Also assists with once a year events like Math Night
Schmitzville Festival Oversee this once a year eventKatie Hamilton, Jodie Bennett
Systems/Data Assess needs, implement and manage systems and software to manage SP PTA data accross functions including membership, finance, fundraising and others

– See more at:


FUNDRAISING: it’s not too late to donate

We are excited to say that we have surpassed our fundraising goal of $187,000. It was because of YOU the school has the much needed supplies and support to help our children become successful in academics and in the community.

It takes a village to raise a child, and we are THAT village.  – Nazleen, Fundraising Chair


However, as we look forward to next school year, there are changes ahead. Those changes will depend on HOW we act now.  As you know, our math curriculum is in jeopardy as The Seattle Public Schools Math Adoption Committee has recommended enVision Math for all Seattle schools.  We may need to fund our math program once again, which adds a potential $80,000 to next year’s fundraising budget that was not accounted for in in this year’s.

In order to continue and upgrade a math program that has not only enriched our children’s education, but will provide our teachers with valuable tools not previously available to them via Singapore Math, we need to have 100% participation in the One Campaign from our parent community.
Many families have given already, however we have a few in each class that have yet to do so.  Our goal was $320 per child but whatever amount is greatly appreciated and will help to offset the costs and fundraising budget for next year. Thank you to all the families who have generously supported and believed in Schmitz Park. Your financial support, whatever the amount, is greatly appreciated.  
Please contact with questions regarding donating to Schmitz Park. Click here to make a gift online


Mariners Update – fantastic success!

We had our biggest turn-out ever to the event this year, and even got to see the Mariners extend their winning streak!

If you were there or not there’s a few things you should know

1) They missed our call out in the Welcome section, yet made up for it with an extra special message as you can see in this picture

Mariners Welcome Schmitz Park Elementary
Mariners Welcome Schmitz Park Elementary





2) Congratulations to Dorienne Raynolds for selling the most tickets – please look out for your prize

3) A hilarious shout out to Robert Ruvkun (and family) for your awesome dancing that was captured on the big screen! If you missed it, here’s a link to a previous camera moment of his

4) We are very happy to say we raised over $2k from this event and had a lot of fun doing it.

5)  Be sure to join us next year!



Excellence in Math – future in question

Seattle Public Schools will adopt a new math curriculum for the 2014-2015 school year. The Math Adoption Committee reviewed the final 3 programs and will recommend envision as the program to implement.

Rick Burke, a Math Adoption Committee Member states in his post at Save Seattle Schools, “Although the public feedback clearly favored Math in Focus, the program ranking [was] based on the CCSS-based evaluation criteria. MIF, following the Singapore framework, was noticeably advanced compared to the CCSS topic pacing. “

Thanks to years of commitment from Schmitz Park faculty and PTA support, Schmitz Park’s proven use of Singapore Math Curriculum has our kids entering middle school with a solid understanding of math. They are consistently at an advantage over non-Singapore math students in their grasp of the curriculum.

What did it take to make this happen? First, the school leadership, with PTA support, successfully lobbied the school district to grant a waiver, to give the school permission to use a different curriculum. Second, PTA supporters contributed over $180,000 over the past several years to pay for the curriculum and materials.

Next steps? If the school board adopts the recommendation, we will be faced with two choices:

  1. Use the school district’s new math curriculum, and risk leaving our legacy of excellence in math behind
  2. Go through the process of lobbying the district for another waiver, and raise $30,000 a year (plus a one-time $30,000 fee in the first year) to provide our own curriculum again

We need your help now to continue our legacy of excellence! Help us convince the school board of the importance of our tradition. Here’s how:

Marty McLaren
MS 11-010
PO Box 34165
Seattle, WA 98124-1165

Let us know you are taking action, and stay in touch as this issue develops. Send a message to PTA Legislative Chair Derek Birnie.


Buy Child’s Photo, Support Schmitz Park

Copyright Gene Hsu PhotographyGene Hsu, a photographer and fellow parent, volunteered his time to take B&W photographs of Schmitz Park kids. He is donating all profits to the Schmitz Park PTA.

Details will be emailed to you after you opt. Please email if you have questions. Include your child’s first, last name, and grade.

Your opt-in provides permission for your child’s photo to be posted on a password protected website, which can be viewed by other Schmitz Park parents.

Student names will not be listed. Pricing options and sizes vary. Details will made available on the password protected site that will be emailed to you.


Royal Court Nominations as of 4/2 12 pm

Looks like Kindergarten is saying, “Heck No We Won’t Go.” The votes keep coming in and they’ve raised their score to 31% of the funds raised. 2nd is still trying to catch them but has dropped down to 21%. This is the last day of voting. We will send out up dates all day long!! I would just like to point out the amazing participation rates, we have five cohorts with over 30% rate! This is amazing! Keep the votes coming, next update will be posted at 8 pm tonight!

Help your child’s cohort (grade level) secure the coveted honor of the Auction Royal Court by making a $5 vote on the VOTE FOR ROYAL COURT via PayPal or by bringing in cash or check to the front office (be sure to put your child’s name and room # on it). Don’t forget the top FUNdraising cohort will win a Popsicle party with masks and beads, as well as send their teachers to the auction in a swanky limo, and kick off the dance party. Get your votes in by April 2nd, 11:00 pm. 

Royal Court rankings as of April 2nd, 12 pm:

  1. Kindergarten: $1,655 raised, 331 votes, 51.4% voter rate, raised 31% of funds
  2. 2nd Grade: $1,050 raised, 210 votes, 32.3% voter rate, raised 21% of funds
  3. 1st Grade: $1,090 raised, 218 votes, 40.8% voter rate, raised 17% of funds
  4. 3rd Grade: $780 raised, 156 votes, 37.2% voter rate, raised 17% of funds
  5. 4th Grade: $385 raised, 77 votes, 32.1% voter rate, raised 10% of funds
  6. 5th Grade: $155 raised, 26 votes, 6.2% voter rate, raised 4% of funds

Rankings are based off of funds raised/total # of students in each cohort (#s equalize among grade levels). For a breakdown by classroom, click Royal_Court_4-2_12pm_Ave-funds Results Short.

School wide TOTALS thus far: $5,115 raised, 1,018 votes, 35.2% voter rate and average spend per voter $24.77 and rising. We are $4,885 away from raising $10,000!!


Royal Court Nominations as of 3/30/14

CrownNow 1st grade is rallying, they’ve knocked 3rd grade down to 4th place. Come on 3rd grade you can rally. Kindergarten is holding steady at 29% of the funds raised, followed closely behind 2nd grade. Game on people, we can do it!!

Help your child’s cohort (grade level) secure the coveted honor of the Auction Royal Court by making a $5 vote on the VOTE FOR ROYAL COURT via PayPal or by bringing in cash or check to the front office (be sure to put your child’s name and room # on it). Don’t forget the top FUNdraising cohort will win a Popsicle party with masks and beads, as well as send their teachers to the auction in a swanky limo, and kick off the dance party. Get your votes in by April 2nd. 

Royal Court rankings as of March 30th:

  1. Kindergarten: $875 raised, 175 votes, 37.6% voter rate, raised 29% of funds
  2. 2nd Grade: $700 raised, 140 votes, 24.2% voter rate, raised 26% of funds
  3. 1st Grade: $655 raised, 131 votes, 26.2% voter rate, raised 19% of funds
  4. 3rd Grade: $320 raised, 64 votes, 22.3% voter rate, raised 13% of funds
  5. 4th Grade: $180 raised, 36 votes, 12.3% voter rate, raised 8% of funds
  6. 5th Grade: $105 raised, 21 votes, 5.5% voter rate, raised 5% of funds

Rankings are based off of funds raised/total # of students in each cohort (#s equalize among grade levels). For a breakdown by classroom, click Royal_Court_3-30.

School wide TOTALS thus far: $2,835 raised, 567 votes, 22.9% voter rate and average spend per voter $21.16 so far. Let’s try to get the participation up to 100% of the school.

We raised $9,000 last year, we are only $7,165 away from $10,000! We raised all the money last year in this last week. We can do it!!