Equity at Genesee Hill

There are many ways to get involved in equity work at Genesee Hill Elementary!

Our Family Committee for Equity and Inclusion at Genesee Hill (FCEIGH) puts on events such as Unity Night in the fall and educational seminars and book clubs throughout the year. To keep up to date on volunteer opportunities and meeting dates, please join our Google Group and follow our Facebook page.  Check the school Thursday email bulletin for our meeting dates.  All Genesee Hill community members are welcome to join!

The PTA Equity Chair sits on the PTA board and works with the FCEIGH and the teacher-led Equity Leadership Team.  They can be reached at equity@geneseehillpta.org.

Ways to Support Equity at Genesee Hill:

Buy Black Lives Matter at Genesee Hill Swag

We are now partnering with The Tshirt Men Company to create BLM shirts, masks, and sweatshirts for sale. The TSM Shop is a small, Black-owned business located in Tacoma that does great work for their local community.

The PTA proceeds from all BLM shirt sales will be earmarked for anti-racist work at Genesee Hill. 

Please visit the new shop to show your support for Black Lives Matter at Genesee Hill. 

Read our Anti-Racism Resolution 

On Monday, October 26th, 2020, at a special meeting of the PTA, the Genesee Hill Elementary Anti-Racism Resolution was passed unanimously. This resolution has now been adopted by both the PTA and the Genesee Hill staff, making it a schoolwide statement of intent that we will work on together to ensure all families, students, teachers and administrators work to dismantle the white supremacy culture that creates barriers to education and limits access to positions of leadership and influence.

Join our Google Group

If you would like to join the conversation, and help develop and prioritize anti-racism action items, please join the Family Committee for Equity and Inclusion (FCEIGH) Google group to get the latest updates on meetings and volunteer opportunities

Visit Our Equity and Inclusion Reading Room

Thank you to all community members who were able to join our 4th annual Unity Night on Dec. 9, 2020! We hope that you found the event welcoming and that it provided a sense of connectedness to our school community. One of the important pieces of the evening was the Virtual Unity Night Room full of books and student work. In order to share it more widely, we created an Equity and Inclusion Reading Room with the same bookshelf, but all photos and student work replaced with resources for parents and teachers to talk to kids about the concepts built into Unity Night. Check it out!

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