What is our goal?

We need your help to close the funding gap and support essential needs and services, so that all of our kids can reach their full potential.
Our PTA budget for the year 2016-17 is $245,000, or $350 per student, and 100% participation.

What does the PTA fund?

Genesee Hill PTA continues a long tradition at Schmitz Park to ensure that parent donations target fundamental needs that support every student: safety, curriculum, good teaching. Using PTA funds to provide resources for Genesee Hill students helps achieve equity across schools in Seattle Public Schools by allowing more district dollars to be available for higher poverty schools.

The Genesee Hill PTA has provided the following for our students:

  • School supplies for every student
  • Field trip scholarships
  • All recess monitors
  • PE equipment (unicycles!)
  • Playground equipment
  • Emergency preparedness supplies
  • Laptops and software licenses
  • Global Passport program
  • New Building transition and set-up
  • Library books
  • Unrestricted teacher grants to fund the material that makes every classroom unique and effective
  • Volunteer coordinator who makes it easy to get involved and stay involved
  • Reading and math tutors helping both struggling and advanced learners
  • Augmented staffing to ensure a full-time counselor and a Math specialist for Walk-to-Math in Grades 3-5
  • One-on-one tutors for every Kindergartener

PTA supports teacher professional development because we understand its impact on the quality of our students’ education. Here is a sample of workshops and training attended by our teachers this summer thanks to PTA support: Readers Workshop Institute, Columbia Teachers College (5 teachers); Writers Workshop Institute, Columbia Teachers College (2 teachers); Wired for Reading, dyslexia support, initial training (2 teachers); Singapore Math with Yaep Ban Har and Gregory Tang (6 teachers); Creative Dance Center, advanced training (1 teacher); “I Teach K” conference (3 teachers).

The Genesee Hill PTA is a proud sponsor of many events that make school life more interesting for all of us: Genesee Hill-ville Carnival, annual dinner auction, fifth grade graduation, parent education, Spiritwear, Field day, Staff Appreciation week, student directory, and MORE!

How can I donate?

You can use the Genesee Hill pledge form to plan your family’s donations for this year.  We center our fundraising efforts around celebration of our school spirit and amazing community. Here are some details on our campaigns and events:

Direct Give: This campaign runs September through December, 2016. It is a direct request to families to donate funds. This year we aim to have 100% participation. Please give what you can. No donation is too small! Complete the Direct Give form go to for a paperless alternative.

Annual Auction: Save the date for March 18, 2017! Join us for a fun night out and celebrate our school community with your friends and teachers at the Red Carpet Gala.

Move-A-Thon: This fitness celebration and fundraiser in one is planned for May 26, 2017. This is a great way to involve our community and to reach out to neighborhood businesses, family, and friends to help raise your family donation goal. Students collect pledges and earn money for each lap they walk, jog, or run around a 1/8-mile course on the playground for 30 minutes. Movers usually complete 15 – 20 laps in the time allowed.

Make your donation go farther and fill out the Matching Funds form, if your employer participates in a matching gift program. Also, remember that the Genesee Hill Elementary School PTA is a nonprofit 501(c)(3), and all gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Thank you for supporting our students!