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Direct Give Raffle Prizes

When we were brainstorming Direct Give for this school year we were hesitant to approach local businesses because we know many of them have had a financially devastating year due to COVID.  We decided to go for it – but approached them with a different strategy then in years past.  Specifically we:

  • Sought out smaller donation increments. For example, instead of requesting a larger $100 donation, we requested four $25 vouchers with minimum order amount or gift cards. This will hopefully bring more families into their business where they would likely end up spending additional money.
  • Committed to market their business to our school community.  We love being able to highlight local businesses that continue to keep making our West Seattle community so special.

With all that said, we ended up with a tremendous response from our business community.  We hope that you will support these businesses the same way that these businesses are supporting our community. 

Here is the full list of received donations:

A special thank you goes to Neil Strohbusch and Jodi Lansky for doing all of the procurement for these items!


2021 Direct Give

First off, we are very fortunate to have an amazingly supportive community and we should all be proud of this!  Genesee Hill Elementary parents, staff, and students have proven time and time again that we are all focused on the betterment of and support for each other.  

The PTA and Genesee Hill Administration are tasked with making sure the necessary programs are in place for our kids to be successful.  Many of our in-person programs are not being funded this year and that has drastically reduced the overall PTA budget.  However, we still need to raise an additional $60K of funds to support the programs our kids are benefiting from virtually that unfortunately are not funded by our school district and the State of Washington.  For example: providing school supplies for all students, allowing our staff access to professional development, purchasing library and textbooks, and providing specialists (beyond what the District accounts for) to further support our kids in math, reading, art, and social/emotional health.

To help meet this need we will be running our Direct Give campaign: February 23rd through March 11th.  Here is the plan for this years campaign:

  • Give: Pick an amount that your family is comfortable with then head over to the Direct Give link.

DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT!  During the month of February your donation is generously being matched 1 to 1, dollar for dollar – up to $26,000!  $10 becomes $20.  $100 becomes $200.  $1000 becomes $2000.  Extra special thank you to the Genesee Hill families that contributed to make this opportunity available!

  • Receive a Yard Sign:  With a minimum of a $50 donation, you will receive a yard sign delivered to your doorstep.  There is a spot for your family to be creative and create something fun for kids to find.  Draw, paint, attach something – the sky is the limit!  Once done, put the sign out in your yard for Genesee Hill kids to discover.

  • Get Entered into a Raffle:  We are hosting three raffles every Friday throughout the campaign.  Think: gift cards and coupons to local restaurants, bottles of wine, etc.  Give early to increase your chances of winning.  Raffle winners will be posted each Friday on our PTA Facebook page.

  • Participate in the Scavenger Hunt: All Genesee Hill kids are invited to look for Yard Signs as they pop up in the neighborhood.  See this blog post for more details!

Share in the fun at #ghedirectgive

Note:  Yard signs are available for the first 300 families who donate or up until Thursday, March 11th.  All yard signs and any raffle winnings will be delivered to the local West Seattle address provided at time of donation in the Kindful link.


2021 Direct Give Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t need a little motivation to get outside this time of year?  We have created a fun activity to get you moving around our community and maybe even giving a socially distant “Hello” to a fellow Genesee Hill family!

Starting Tuesday, February 23rd there will be yard signs popping up in GHE families yards.  Signs will be numbered and there will be a fun little item added to the sign – we are calling it the “treasure.”  Your job is to find the signs and then record the treasure.

Here is how to participate:

  • Get your Scavenger Hunt Tracking Form – forms will be available outside of school in a labeled box starting February 23rd or at this link right now!
  • Walk/bike/skip/drive around our community looking for the yard signs – they look like this:
  • Once you find a sign, record the treasure you found on the form – for this sign you would record #23 and ‘Lego Chicken Guy’
  • Repeat a bunch – how many signs can you find by Thursday, March 18th?

For fun, we are hosting a random drawing for prizes.  To enter the drawing, fill out the Scavenger Hunt Entry Form by 6:00pm on Thursday, March 18th.

Pro Scavenger Hunt Tips:

  • This is the current Genesee Hill attendance area map.
  • Don’t forget that the attendance area recently changed, and we still have many Genesee Hill families that live in the area North of ‘SW Charlestown St’ and South of ‘SW Hanford St’ to the east of ‘California Ave SW’.
  • Make a note of your favorite treasure you found- we have a question about it on the Scavenger Hunt Entry Form.

Share in the fun at #ghedirectgive

Note: Prizes will be randomly selected and delivered to the address provided on the Scavenger Hunt Entry Form.  All Genesee Hill students are welcome to participate- there is no correlation between donating to the Direct Give campaign and participating in the scavenger hunt.


Dine-Out at Mission Cantina Jan. 24 & 25

We are thrilled about our January Restaurant of the Month- Mission Cantina!  Please note that after the MOD Pizza “Where is my Pizza?” party, we emphasized with Mission Cantina the size and enthusiasm of the Genesee Hill Community. They have assured us that they will be able to handle our volume and offered creative ways to ensure that everyone is taken care of in a timely and efficient manner.  

This extended event will take place on Sunday January 24th and Monday January 25th!  Mission Cantina will generously donate 20% of ALL sales that the restaurant makes on those days, for their full hours of 11:00 am to 8:00 pm.  No need for a special code or link!  This includes all food, alcohol, gift cards, and Mission Cantina’s “Whole Enchilada” take and bake kit.

In order to not overwhelm the facility, we broke up the days by grade level.  3rd-5th grade families will participate on Sunday, January 24th and Kindergarten thru 2nd grade families will participate on Monday, January 25th. This does include the pickup of the take and bake kits! To order regular menu items please call Mission directly at 206-937-8220. The restaurant will begin to take phone orders starting at 11am both days. Please note, we are encouraging families to work with the restaurant directly rather than use 3rd party apps such as Grubhub and Ubereats to help the staff get more of the funds from tips and orders.  

“The Whole Enchilada” Take and Bake Kit

This delicious kit gives you all of the items below for ONLY $60 plus tax (Gratuity not included). We are taking orders in advance for this awesome deal until January 21. Please use this sign up genius to reserve your dinners for pick-up on one of the two days, with payment at pick up.

  • Chips and salsa
  • Four child sized black bean and cheese enchiladas 
  • Six enchiladas – two potato, two carnitas and two chicken and green chili 
  • Red rice and Black beans
  • Cheese and three different enchilada sauces – roja, verde, and creamy chipotle

So enjoy an enchilada dinner, evening margaritas, lunch burritos, or all three! Avoid the rush by buying a gift card to use on another day! One thing’s for sure, it is definitely going to be spicy!  Thank you Jodi Lansky for finding these amazing places!


Dream Dinners Dine-in December 1-10

Our Dine-out for December is a Dine-in with Dream Dinners! Enjoy your meals at home whenever you want!  Dream Dinners is a local meal prep business that takes care of menu planning, grocery shopping, and prep so you can enjoy stress free dinners with your family!   Stock your freezer from a menu of 20 chef crafted meals in December (and potentially beyond) so that you will spend less time worrying about what to make for dinner and more time doing what you love!  

The dates for meal pick up are listed below along with the hyperlink to order food.   The cost is $50 per medium dinner package (3 meals, each serving 2-3 people). You will be able to pick out three meals from the link below, pick them up on that date and store for using at their own convenience!   There are 30 slots available (10 per date.)  We receive $10 for every family that participates in this fundraiser.  Additionally, if you place a full size order within one week of your pick-up, Dream Dinners will donate an extra $20 to Genesee Hill Elementary!!

You can start reserving their meals now and up to 36 hours prior to the order pick up time.   Please see below.  The links provide the order form and the menu of dinners available on those dates!   Enjoy!

Thursday, December 3rd Pick-Up   Place order by December 1st!

Saturday, December 5th Pick-Up- Place order by December 3rd!

Saturday, December 12th Pick-up- Place order by December 10th!


Supply Drive and Swag!

Even though we had to postpone our Ice Cream Anti-Social until Sept. 16, we still launched the Supply Drive today!

As part of the PTA’s mission to support all the students at GHES, the PTA has provided the funding necessary for the teachers and staff of the school to purchase all the supplies a student might need throughout the school year in bulk. The PTA does this to help ensure that the teachers have the exact supplies they need, and each student has school supplies, no matter his or her circumstances. In addition, it should make the start of school a little bit easier on parents & guardians, since you don’t have to go through the hassle of finding just the right number 2 pencil or red marker. The cost of supplies works out to be about $20 per student.

In order to offset the expense, please consider making a tax-deductible donation for the cost of student supplies, so that the PTA can continue to purchase supplies in the years to come. If you can give a little extra, that would be most appreciated! Please donate here.

Also, the Genesee Hill online swag store is now open! Just in time for the new school year.  Shop for your new gear and show your Genesee Hill Elementary school spirit!

There will be samples of the latest GHE fashions at the PTA ice cream for supply drive on Sept. 16, 3-6, at Dakota Homestead!  Be sure to check it out!



fox1It didn’t take a Sign Up Genius to predict that the Fox Family would inhabit the home of Schmitz Park’s Volunteer Coordinator Athena Frederick. William, 2nd grader (…what’s with all the 2nd graders?) found the Foxes early Monday and, in true Schmitz Park form, asked his mom if he could help move the Family to their next destination. Based on William’s choice of Batman Gear, it’s safe to say Mom took him up on his offer. fox2




Help Us Support Gatewood Elementary

gatewood gators
As you may have heard, Gatewood Elementary is facing an involuntary staff reduction of one of their first grade teachers due to lower than expected school-wide enrollment by 26 children across all cohorts. Since 1st grade has the lowest overall enrollment in the school it was decided by SPS to reduce the number of 1st grade classes and increase class size. The Gatewood teacher is being asked to transfer to Fairmount Park Elementary because that school is facing a staff shortage due to higher than anticipated enrollment. The 1st grade teacher will be assigned a 4th grade class. As a PTA Board, we feel decisions like these are highly disruptive and completely avoidable; we hope you do too.
How to show support:
1.      Inform the School District that:

a.      Decreases to school budgets made after the school year has begun does not serve every child, every classroom, every day.

b.      Involuntary Staff transfers within a community does not foster the family support we strive to build across our schools.

c.       Enrollment projections that lead to staffing assignments should be supported – and only in the case of higher than expected should schools ADD to their resources. Never should a teacher be made to leave a school after students have been assigned to a class.

2.      Send email to Linda Sebring, Interim Budget Director

3.      Donate to Gatewood – Parents of Gatewood are trying to fundraise $90,000 by this Thursday, October 9th – an amount that the school district has informed them must be paid to retain this teacher. Through amazing effort, they have raised over $55,000 to date – if you’d like to help out or know someone who can, please write a check to ‘Friends of Gatewood’ and drop it off at the Chase Bank at Thriftway in West Seattle.

We hope you can join us in this important cause,

Joe Turcotte
President – Schmitz Park PTA