Dandelion Initiative


The Dandelion Initiative helps consolidate efforts to tend to Genesee Hill’s beautiful grounds with native plantings. We want to thank those of you who have been weeding recently – families, students, and neighbors! This year we are teaming up with our wonderful cohorts to have weeding parties, and this fall we had three parties that accomplished a great deal! For the first time in Dandelion’s history, we were able to tidy up the front of the school, and then move on to 51st. Thank you so much to the folks who participated! 


Weeding parties that happened:

Sunday, Oct 16 – Kindergarten and 2nd grade
Wednesday, Oct. 19 – 4th grade, had to cancel due to smoke
Sunday, Oct 23 – 1st grade and 5th grade 

Dandelion reps: Christy Kinskey, Meredith Deviny, Claire Miccio, and Erin Munavu (2nd grade teacher)

Contact: dandelion@geneseehillpta.org

How you can help:

  • Weed when you have time.
  • Invite a friend to join you to have a socially distanced weeding individual event.
  • Volunteer to be a cohort representative for Kindergarten – 2nd grades.
  • Pick up piles of weeds left by generous volunteers.
  • Join a coordinated weeding event.
  • Tell us some other way you want to help!

First priority areas: 

We will continue our efforts in the beds along Dakota Street near the front entrance of the school, up to the corner of 51st, and down to the Kindergarten entrance.

Initiative goals:

  • Care for our school grounds
  • Foster community
  • Provide instant gratification opportunities for frazzled families