Communications FAQ

As a caregiver for a student at Genesee Hill Elementary, you can expect the following types of communications:

  • Emails, text messages via Talking Points, and a monthly newsletter from Genesee Hill administration about pertinent news and events.
  • Emails and flyers from your student’s teacher with classroom updates.
  • Emails from your student’s cohort group, which organizes events to build community within each grade level.
  • Emails from the PTA, including a monthly newsletter.

The goal of the PTA communications team is to build community and engagement through welcoming and inclusive communications about Genesee PTA work and the wider West Seattle school community. Browse the following FAQ for detailed support.


What should I do if I’m not receiving emails from Genesee staff?
If you are not receiving school email communications from Principal Dunn or her staff, contact Ms. Jones for help at

How do I find contact info for specific teachers, PTA members, or other caregivers at Genesee?
Our digital directory is a web-based tool that community members can access on their phones or computers. The directory is private, accessible only to Genesee Hill staff and families with an email address on file. Learn more about using and editing the directory.
You’ll also find a staff directory and helpful resources on the Genesee Elementary school website.

How do I sign up to get cohort emails?
If you aren’t already getting emails from your cohort, please email to join the email list for your grade. INCLUDE THE GRADE of your child/children, and we’ll get you set up to receive invitations to lots of fun events.

To help with community and information sharing, we have set up private Facebook groups for families in each cohort. Learn more about cohorts.

How can I be sure to get news and updates from the PTA?

How do I submit a request for the PTA to promote my news or event?
The PTA sends a monthly email to all Genesee families, with additional updates posted to Facebook and our website. Email to submit content. Please include details on the location, time, and date of your event.

What is our PTA’s Social Media Policy?
You can view our Social Media Policy here