April GHE PTA Newsletter

Posted by Genesee Hill PTA on  April 6, 2021
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From the school schedule to the weather – there is plenty of change happening this week! Amid all the action, your Genesee Hill PTA Newsletter is here to serve as your reliable source for the latest happenings in our school community. This April edition includes volunteer appreciation, a spotlight on the budget, an important budget advocacy tool, an interview with GH’s resident problem-solver, Dana Cochran, and so much more! Use the “Download Document” button above to
By: Victoria Bhegani, Legislative Chair, GH PTA Board  On Monday, March 15, Genesee Hill Elementary staff voted to reject the school budget for 2021/22 on the grounds that the allocations from SPS were insufficient. In this proposed budget, the school will lose five FTE (full-time employment) positions in the coming school year. While the school staff did not disagree with how our principal, Gerrit Kischner, had drawn up the budget based on these cuts, they
During the legislative season PTAs are being asked to collect and tell the stories that are unfolding at our schools. We are especially interested in stories that show how the issues we voted on in the WSPTA Legislative Assembly shape things on the ground. Then Victoria Bhegani, our Legislative Chair, will share these stories with our legislators and out to the Genesee community. First we collected stories about how families and teachers at Genesee Hill

March GHE PTA Newsletter

Posted by Genesee Hill PTA on  March 2, 2021
Category: Newsletter
Great news! With February being a short month, your wait for the next newsletter is already over. This March edition includes an exclusive interview with the talented Ms. Bronson, a spotlight on PTA Board Nominations detailing how you can help shape the future of the PTA Board, important advocacy initiatives, as well as regular updates for fun community events and happenings. Enjoy! We also have a new page on our site to house the Newsletter archive.

Direct Give Raffle Prizes

Posted by Genesee Hill PTA on  February 22, 2021
Category: Fund Raising
When we were brainstorming Direct Give for this school year we were hesitant to approach local businesses because we know many of them have had a financially devastating year due to COVID.  We decided to go for it – but approached them with a different strategy then in years past.  Specifically we: Sought out smaller donation increments. For example, instead of requesting a larger $100 donation, we requested four $25 vouchers with minimum order amount

SPS 2021-22 School Year Calendar Approved

Posted by Genesee Hill PTA on  February 12, 2021
Category: SPS News
September 1 First day of school for 1st – 12th grade students September 6 Labor Day (no school) September 7 First day of school for kindergarten, all preschool students October 8 State In-service Day (no school) November 11 Veterans Day (no school) November 22 – 24 Elementary conference days (no school for elementary and K-8 students; varies by school) November 25 – 26 Thanksgiving break (no school) Thanksgiving and Native American Heritage Day December 17 1-hour early dismissal (winter break) December 20, 2021

Membership Matchup

Posted by Genesee Hill PTA on  February 10, 2021
Category: Events
We’re competing with Alki Elementary to see who can sign up the most new PTA members from Jan. 19 to Feb. 28 (at a 2-to-1 ratio since Genesee has twice as many students).Remember that memberships need to be renewed each year, so check to make sure yours is current. Spread the word and encourage all your friends to join too! Lastly, scholarships to cover the $15 membership fee are available, just email Rallying together

February Dine Out at Chipotle

Posted by Genesee Hill PTA on  February 8, 2021
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The February Dine Out for Genesee Hill at Chipotle will be Feb 24, 4-8 pm.Add some spice to the middle of your week! Enjoy your favorite Mexican dishes while supporting Genesee PTA. Order at and be sure to use the coupon code 3VN7GT8, so 33 percent of your purchase goes to Genesee Hill. Detailed instructions are below!
Dear Genesee Hill Volunteers, Our school kicked off a Virtual Lunch Bunch for our students the first week of February. The teachers are seeking ways for kids to connect “outside” of class like you would at a cafeteria table of 6-10 students. We are building as we go with hopes to expand our reach as volunteers sign up. We also hope that when spring arrives and vaccines are further distributed, that we can take this

February GHE PTA Newsletter

Posted by Genesee Hill PTA on  February 2, 2021
Category: Newsletter
February may be the shortest month, but the February Newsletter is not short on content! Learn about the new and innovative approach to the Direct Give Campaign that includes a generous matching opportunity, yard signs, an engaging scavenger hunt and raffle prizes! Check in on the updated score in the heated Membership Matchup competition that is in full swing between our Genesee Hill community and our Alki Elementary neighbors. Get to know more about our

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