Dream Dinners Dine-in December 1-10

Posted by Genesee Hill PTA on  November 20, 2020
Category: Fund Raising
Our Dine-out for December is a Dine-in with Dream Dinners! Enjoy your meals at home whenever you want!  Dream Dinners is a local meal prep business that takes care of menu planning, grocery shopping, and prep so you can enjoy stress free dinners with your family!   Stock your freezer from a menu of 20 chef crafted meals in December (and potentially beyond) so that you will spend less time worrying about what to make for

November GHE PTA Newsletter

Posted by Genesee Hill PTA on  November 3, 2020
Category: Newsletter
Welcome to the November edition of the Genesee Hill PTA Newsletter. This month’s newsletter is chock full of important info, from the release of our new digital school directory, to an interview with resource room teacher Dorothy Wells, to the introduction of a new local vendor for our BLM at Genesee Hill swag. Enjoy! We also have a new page on our site to house the Newsletter archive. If you have a topic that you would like
Washington State PTA Legislative Assembly Recap: Why We PTA, Top 5 Issues, and Formation of Advocacy Committee  by Victoria Bhegani, Legislative Chair Despite its virtual format, the energy at the WSPTA Legislative Assembly this past weekend was palpable. Three delegates from the Genesee Hill PTA, Leigh Ann Johnson, Christy Kinskey and myself, attended, and with other delegates from across Washington state, we voted on legislative issues, resolutions, amendments, and principles.  In this time of pandemic,

Oct. 13 PTA Meeting Minutes

Posted by Genesee Hill PTA on  October 21, 2020
Category: PTA Meeting Minutes
This year we’re planning to share the PTA Meeting Minutes here on our website for those who aren’t able to attend. We hope this will give the school community a greater ability to be involved in our work. You may view the minutes from the Oct. 13, 2020 General Membership Meeting here. Please comment here with any feedback, or email

Anti-Racism Resolution

Posted by Genesee Hill PTA on  October 16, 2020
Category: Equity
One of the 2020-2021 goals of the Genesee Hill teaching community is to address and dismantle white supremacy culture in education at our school. This has also been a goal of the Family Committee for Equity and Inclusion (FCEIGH) since its inception two years ago, as well as the staff Equity Leadership Team. In the last two years, these two Equity Teams have partnered to present our school community with equity book club gatherings, BIPOC

October GHE PTA Newsletter

Posted by Genesee Hill PTA on  October 6, 2020
Category: Newsletter
Welcome to the second edition of the Genesee Hill PTA Newsletter. As we shared last month, we hope that this new communication channel serves to build community, keep community members informed of updates and initiatives, and highlight opportunities to get involved. If you have a topic that you would like to see spotlighted in an upcoming newsletter, or have a question you’d like to have addressed, please reach out to We look forward to hearing from you!
On October 24-25, PTA delegates and members from all over Washington state will join together virtually at the WSPTA Legislative Assembly. Delegates will choose the Top 5 WSPTA legislative priorities for the 2021 and 2022 legislative sessions, and also vote on resolutions and principles. There are two ways anyone can participate: To help your three PTA delegates from Genesee Hill vote according to what priorities are important to you and your family, please fill out
Make sure to set a reminder for Tuesday, 9/22 at 7 PM to enroll for Fall enrichment classes via Homeroom, our online enrichment portal. We’ve got a great line up of virtual enrichment activities this session, with plenty of new classes, plus old favorites that are guaranteed to delight students (and give tired parents some extra time to get work done, or practice some much needed self care)! View the Class List here. Enrollment runs
 From Genesee Hill Legislative Chair, Victoria Bhegani In these past weeks, with the reopening of schools, there has been a lot of buzz, and understandably some confusion, about just who makes up the policies and practices that shape our children’s education and who to speak to about what we want to advocate for our children. As the Legislative Chair for the GH PTA Board this school year, I am just beginning to dive into understanding how these processes work. They

Supply Drive and Swag!

Posted by Genesee Hill PTA on  September 9, 2020
Category: Fund Raising
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Even though we had to postpone our Ice Cream Anti-Social until Sept. 16, we still launched the Supply Drive today! As part of the PTA’s mission to support all the students at GHES, the PTA has provided the funding necessary for the teachers and staff of the school to purchase all the supplies a student might need throughout the school year in bulk. The PTA does this to help ensure that the teachers have the

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