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Save the date: Dec. 6 community conversation

Genesee Hill Families, 

These past weeks have been unexpected and hard for many in our community, and we have been hearing from several families with concerns about recent events. First and foremost, our hearts and deepest condolences are with the students, families, and community at Ingraham High School. We have provided specific links to resources about gun violence at the end of this email.

In addition to this tragic event, last week we learned of microaggressions occurring at Genesee Hill. Most of you received an email/text from Principal Dunn and your child’s teacher bringing awareness to these microaggressions and sharing resources. Following this, we also learned that Mr. Johnson, one of the few Black staff members at Genesee Hill, made a very difficult decision to resign. Many of you have reached out expressing concern that Mr. Johnson is leaving due to students and microaggressions he has experienced. He has had several students come up to him to apologize and/or ask him to stay. We want to ensure that students know that it is not their fault that he is leaving.

This situation has, however, brought to light a theme we continue to hear from our GHE community. Microaggressions based in race are harmful, are happening, and how we respond as adults matters. The GHE community believes it is important for us to address events as they occur, thus creating a community which does not shy away from conversations around race and identity, as uncomfortable as they may be at times. There is value in us talking with each other and identifying solutions to help support our community so that each student, staff, and family feels they belong.

As your PTA leadership at Genesee Hill and in support of the work already being done by our teachers and building leadership, we would like to offer ways for our community to join together in dialogue, about these pressing issues. We would like to host our first Community Wide Conversation on December 6th at 6pm (Location TBD).

This evening will be facilitated by PTA presidents Lia Barros and Michael Brown. There will be prepared questions to help guide these critical conversations, aimed to encourage the audience to express their opinions and consider new perspectives.

In addition to holding this space, we want to offer additional resources in alignment with what the school has already shared to support you in individual growth and talking with your kids about race.

  • Embrace Race – Talking Race and Kids
  • Virtual Reading Room – Virtual Books to read with your kids
  • Learning for Justice – formerly Teaching Tolerance; racial justice resources geared towards educators
  • Books: How to Raise an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi and White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo

Thank you again for taking the time to explore these resources and joining us in conversation. We look forwarding to seeing you all December 6th. Please reach out with any questions or concerns.

Lia, Michael, and your PTA Board


How to Talk to Kids About Violence  is a great resource. You know your children best.

We absolutely agree with what is said in this article, that “students are fantastic observers, but poor interpreters.” They see and hear so much, but without the space to process, they don’t know how to interpret what they are seeing or hearing.

Other helpful resources include: 

A message from our leadership

Dear Genesee Hill Families, 

Our PTA has achieved several accomplishments in the first two months of the school year, and we wanted to reach out to share what we’ve done together so far and to thank you for your continued support and participation.

In October, we have:

  • Funded DEI training for our staff
  • Co-hosted our first Parent Education Series event on kids and screens with viewing and discussion of “Screenagers Part 2”
  • Hosted our first in-person social event with the Monster Mash
  • Completed our first month of listening sessions
  • And, for our second consecutive year we have received a PTA Member Growth Award!

Thank you to everyone who completed our family and staff surveys and participated in our listening sessions. We successfully completed three in-person sessions, one for families with neurodiverse students, one for our staff members, and one for all our GHE families, hearing from a total of 126 individuals and families (which represents 24% of our community). This input has given us a deeper understanding of our collective needs, and we’ll be spending the next few months synthesizing what we learned and preparing to share the results with you. 

One message is already abundantly clear: Every one of us is looking for a community that is trusting, inclusive, and a place where each of our voices is heard and appreciated toward the common goal of supporting our children’s educational experience and academic excellence.

It is our role as your Parent Teacher Association (PTA) leadership to name the issues we are facing and make space for us to come together and find the solutions. The changes and growth required for all our members to feel a sense of belonging often involves a certain level of discomfort as we adjust to new community norms and broader inclusivity. As your PTA Board, we are committed to making the space for each of you to be heard, valued, and included when building the best community for our children. 

To this end, you can expect your PTA board to be working hard this year to have challenging and explicit conversations with the goal of supporting a strong Genesee Hill Community. Looking ahead, we will be sharing additional resources on microaggressions (thank you Genesee Staff for helping lead this work!), holding our first community conversation, resources for our neurodiverse students, designing FAQs held on our website, hosting a Kindergarten Q&A, and in January continuing our Parent Education Series.

Thank you in advance for your engagement, your time and your passion so that together we can raise strong, educated, compassionate, and resilient children.  This is your PTA; please reach out with any questions.

In partnership,
Lia Barros and Michael Brown, Co-Presidents

Top ways to get involved with the PTA

Join or renew your membership
Joining is easy and can be done online in a few steps here. Click here to join with a fee waiver. This is an easy way to stay informed and to have a voice at the table.

Join the PTA Board
Consider taking on one of our vital roles on the PTA Board. We are looking for a Vice President and an Advocacy Chair. Fore more info, email

Become an Enrichment Coordinator
Our Genesee Hill Enrichment Program provides students access to a diverse range of quality after school educational and recreational opportunities. We need two new Enrichment Coordinators in order to be able to continue to offer this program in the future. It is a paid SPS position and a beloved tradition for our students. Email

We need YOU in order to make GHE the community we want it to be. Please consider volunteering at the following:

  • PTA events (email )
  • Cohort events (email your cohort lead)
  • Volunteer to help with the Enrichment Program (email
  • In the classroom (this is dependent on each individual teacher’s needs)
  • Have a skill to offer? We would love to hear about it! 
  • Be a school or event photographer, we would love to capture our students learning, thriving, and being a part of their school

Apply for an Opportunity Grant
The GHE PTA offers up to $1,000 through the Opportunity Fund to parents, guardians, students (with an adult sponsor), or teachers to use for a one-time student-centered project, purchase, or event at Genesee Hill Elementary. We had 10 recipients last year! Please consider submitting your ideas for an Opportunity Grant today! 

Stay Informed

Attend an educational event
This year we are partnering with local elementary schools to offer a Parent Education Series. We already completed our Kids and Technology discussion on October 25th. Stay tuned for additional opportunities starting in January. Once dates are final you can find these opportunities in the PTA Newsletter, on our website, and on our PTA calendar.

There really is NO wrong way to PTA. If you have ideas or passions we would love to make those a part of our work.

Your PTA Board

Make a difference: Support our Direct Give campaign

Our direct give campaign was planned to be our primary fundraising activity for the year. We still plan to have a large community event in the spring (similar to the annual auction), but the event will have a smaller, targeted focus on fundraising this year because we have a significant amount in reserves/cash.

Please follow this link for the option of a one-time gift or to set up a monthly recurring pledge. Please also share it with family and friends who might be interested in supporting our school. Grandparents, colleagues, alumni and neighbors have all given to Genesee Hill in the past.  Remember corporate matching may also be an option for you – check with your employer.

Our goal for this campaign is to raise $25,000. That’s roughly $50/kid/year or $5/month. Please support us however you can! We’ve got this, fantastic foxes!

The Genesee Hill PTA budget funds:

The programs the PTA funds come through the generosity of this community, and every family and student at Genesee Hill benefits from them. Our school is a special place and we want to continue to support these programs at the level they are offered today. The PTA budget funds:

Thank you for your generous support!

~ Jenilee Finley & Heather Thimsen, Fundraising Chairs

Direct Give extended through Nov. 5

Did you hear it’s gratitude month? We are so grateful for your generous support of Genesee Hill Elementary School.

Our Direct Give campaign has been extended through Saturday, Nov. 5.

Give online at

We are still $9,000 short of our goal of $25,000. If you haven’t done so yet, please donate by this Saturday. This goal amount goes to the general fund to help cover expenses such as school supplies for every child @ $25/student, technology resources, education specialists, and diversity, equity and inclusion training.

*If we reach our goal by the end of the week we will be providing coffee and morning treats later this month at drop off. Stay tuned!*

Direct Give update: There’s still time to donate

We are about halfway through our annual Direct Give campaign, but we still need your help to reach our fundraising goal of $25,000 for this school year.  Please consider making a tax-deductible donation at today! The campaign will conclude on Oct. 31. 

By now each GHE household should have received a Direct Give sticker postcard in the mail. If you haven’t received one, need a fresh one, or have questions for us, please contact

We can’t wait to see where you have placed your stickers! Show your fox spirit at

Direct Give is our Genesee Hill Elementary fundraising program for families and the local community to contribute directly to the PTA fund. 

Why give to Direct Give? PTA funding allows GHE to be a more inclusive and equitable school where every child thrives and every family is valued by providing resources for:

 •  School supplies for all students

  •  Professional development for staff

  •  Equity programs and training

  •  Technology in classrooms

  •  Community building events

  •  Library and textbooks

  •  Key Specialists, Tutors and Monitors (CHAMPPS)

  •  Fundshifting

Help make the Monster Mash a smash

The annual Genesee Hill Monster Mash dance is back! Mark your calendars for Oct. 28 from 6 to 9 pm in the school gym and cafeteria. Brought to you by the PTA, this event is free and open to all students and their families.

Costumes are optional. Enjoy food, games, crafts, dancing, and a photobooth, as well as a sensory space for those in search of a quieter experience.

Please consider volunteering your smiles and skills to help make this a fun, safe, and enjoyable event for all … something for our Monsters to remember for years to come. Sign up to volunteer here.

Support Direct Give Oct. 15-31 (with stickers too!)

We are looking forward to this year’s Direct Give Campaign. 

Direct Give sticker postcards will be sent in the mail the week of October 17th! If by chance you don’t receive it by October 21 and would like one, please contact

How to participate: Give online here, or use the QR code on the back of the postcard. Any donation is welcome, no matter how big or small. 

What is it? Direct Give is our Genesee Hill Elementary fundraising program for families and the local community to contribute directly to the PTA fund. 

Why give to Direct Give? PTA funding allows GHE to be a more inclusive and equitable school where every child thrives and every family is valued by providing resources for:

 •  School supplies for all students

  •  Professional development for staff

  •  Equity programs and training

  •  Technology in classrooms

  •  Community building events

  •  Library and textbooks

  •  Key Specialists, Tutors and Monitors (CHAMPPS)

  •  Fundshifting

Where will you put your stickers? Show us your fox spirit. Let’s fill up the padlet wall! Stickers are great on water bottles, folders and notebooks, phone cases, ipad cases, laptops, car windows, etc. (Stickers are easily removed but please remind students not to put stickers on school property.) 

Thank you in advance for your support! We couldn’t do this without you! We need your help! Sign up to volunteer!