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e are building a diverse, inclusive, and culturally competent volunteer program to best serve our students. We encourage people of different cultural, ethnic, educational and national backgrounds to apply to volunteer at Genesee Hill.

Here are some immediate needs:

Here are some other opportunities:

  • Wed Site Redesign – The communications team is looking for folks to assist with a “blog redesign” We’d love any feedback, or help.  Any wordpress experts out there? A short consult would be very helpful.  Contact
  • Middle School Help – If you have a middle school student in your home, please share our volunteer opportunities with them.  The link will be updated as more dates are added. 
  • Volunteer Coordinator – I’d love some administrative assistance.  If you have an hour a month to log in and enter data, I have a job for you. (and thanks to those who’ve volunteered to help)

Looking for an opportunity? Just ask. If you don’t see an immediate fit, please feel free to contact the volunteer coordinator, Rene Bibaud who can help discuss opportunities with you based on your availability and interests.

And THANKS!  Large and small contributions of your time, talent and resources are so appreciated. Thank you!


Be sure to APPLY NOW so you’re ready when opportunities arise!  The volunteer application process includes: Complete the online Volunteer Application (required yearly) Have a copy of your current, government issued photo ID available to upload – or present to the front office or to volunteer coordinator, Rene Bibaud Complete the Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention course (online). If you taken the course previously, please submit a copy of your certificate of completion or the month/year the course was completed.

Additional Details and FAQ’s

Before you apply, have the following information available
  1. Emergency contact name and phone number.
  2. Two references, including one personal or family reference.
  3. Government issued ID (upload a digital copy or present it to school office staff).
  4. Proof of completing the Adult Sexual Misconduct (ASM) Prevention training (certificate or email confirmation).

Please complete the online application as thoroughly as you can so we can approve your participation in your desired volunteer roles quickly, keep you updated about new volunteer opportunities, and serve our students as best as we can.

New(ish) to Washington State?

If you have not lived in Washington State for the past three years you will need to also complete the national background check (see link for more information). You can expedite your volunteer approval process by ordering your background check now – it usually takes 1-2 business days before the background check report is available.

Field trip chaperones and volunteer drivers

If you are applying to volunteer as a field trip chaperone or a driver, you will need to provide additional information on separate forms. They are also available online. 

Application length

As you complete your application, please keep in mind SPS serves 53,000 vulnerable children and youth – we are committed to carefully screening volunteer candidates to ensure student safety as required by law, SPS policies, and the Washington Schools Risk Insurance Pool. The new application contains:

  • 13 required questions (they are the same as last year).
  • Five questions related to criminal records in addition to your background check consent.
  • Four sections describing laws and policies SPS volunteers must be able to uphold.
  • 12 optional questions that will help us create more culturally relevant volunteer services for our students and provide you with better customer service.

Submit your complete application at least 2 weeks before expected volunteer service start date. Your background must be cleared and application approved before this date.

I do not have access to the Internet, how can I apply to volunteer?

Families without Internet access at home can visit the John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence where two computer stations are available to apply for employment and volunteer opportunities with SPS. They are located between Enrollment and Security offices. For locations of public libraries and community centers offering access to computers and the Internet for free visit this City of Seattle website. If your child attends the school where you wish to volunteer, check in with the school office about computer availability. If the school computer lab is not used by students, schools can offer SPS families access to computers for the purpose of completing volunteer applications.

How is volunteer information protected?

SPS and VolunteerLocal signed a memorandum of agreement for collecting, maintaining, and storing volunteer data to ensure volunteer information is rigorously protected and meets or exceeds accepted industry practices, including specifically the International Organization for Standardization’s standards ISO/IEC 27001:2005 (Information Security Management Systems- Requirements), ISO-IEC 27002:2005 (Code of Practice for International Security Management). You can review VolunteerLocal Terms of Service here

I submitted the application – what happens next?

Applications are processed by individual schools in accordance with SPS-wide procedures. Principals assign one staff member in charge of volunteer screening and keeping volunteer information safe and secure. If you do not hear from your school within two weeks of applying, please contact the school office to learn how they notify applicants about being approved.


3M 3Mgives Volunteer Match 20 $250/20 hours
Adobe Employee Matching Grants 10 $250/10 hours
Aetna Matching Grant Programs 20 $300/20 hours
Alaska Airlines Dollars for Doers Program 5 $10/hour up to $1000
Allstate Helping Hands 16 $500 or $1000 depending on role
Amgen Amgen Volunteers 15 $33/hour
Apple Apple Matching Gifts Program $25/hour
Applied Materials Dollars for Doers Program 20 $250
Bank of America Volunteer Grants Program 50 $250/50 hours up to $500
BD Bio Sciences Matching Gift Program 10 up to $1000
Boeing (and subsidiaries) Gift Match Program 25 $250/25 hours
bp Employee Matching Fund $25 – $5000/year
Campbell Soup Company 40 $500/40 hours up to $1000
CenturyLink Matching Time Grant Program 40 $500/40 hours up to $1000
Chevron Humankind Volunteer Grant 20 $500/20 hours up $1000
Cigna Corp Grants for Givers 20 $200/20 hours
Cisco Cisco Matching Gifts
Citigroup Volunteer Incentive Program
ConocoPhillips Volunteer Grant Program 20 $500/20 hours up to $1000
CVS Health Volunteer Challenge Grants 15 $500 – $5000
Deacon Corp. Employee Matching & Volunteer Program 2 up to $1000
Dell Volunteer Rewards Program 10 $150/10 hours per fiscal quarter
Disney Disney VoluntEARS – EARS to You grant 10 up to $2000
Expedia Matching Gift Program $15/hour up to $1000
ExxonMobil Volunteer Involvement Program – VIP Grant 20 $500/20 hours up to $2000
Gap Inc. Volunteer Grant Program – Money for Time 15 $150/15 hours
General Motors GM Dollars for Doers 50 $200/50 hours
Google Google Giving 5 $50/5 hours
HomeStreet Bank Community Partner Volunteer Grant 30 $250/30 hours
Honeywell Hometome Solutions Volunteer Grant 50 $500/50 hours
IBM Community Grants 40 $25/hour up to $1000
Ingersoll Rand Dollars for Doers Program 20 $500/20 hours; $250/each additional 20 hours
Intel Intel Involved Matching Grant Program 20 $10/hour up to $10,000
J.P. Morgan Chase Individual Volunteer Matching 15 $10/hour up to $1000
JC Penney’s James Cash Penney Award for Community Service 15
Kellogg’s Kellogg’s Cares Volunteer Program 10 $100/10 hours up to $500
Kimberly-Clark Community Partners Program 30 $17/hour up go $500
Levi Strauss Community Involvement Grants 10 $20/hour up to $2400

For reference only. Subject to change Please contact your HR representative for your company’s information. BUSINESSES WITH VOLUNTEER HOUR MATCHING PROGRAMS

Marathon Petroleum Company Volunteer Incentive Program – VIP Grants 24 $500/24 hours
Medtronic, Inc. Bakken Invitation Community 25 eligible to apply for $20,000 Bakken Invitation Award
Microsoft Employee Giving Program $25/hour up to $15,000
Morgan Stanley Volunteer Incentive Program – VIP Grants $500 – $2000
Outerwall (Coinstar/Redbox) 10 $15/hour up to $600
Pella Corporation Volunteer Recognition Program 25 $100/25 hours; $250/50 hours
Pfizer Pfizer Foundation Volunteer Program 72 $1000/72 hours
Pitney Bowes Volunteer Grants 25 $125/25 hours up to $500
ProLogis Dollars For Doers
Prudential Volunteer Grants Program 10 $10/hour after 10 hours up to $500
Puget Sound Energy Employee Matching Program $12.50/hour up to $500
Qualcomm Q-Cares 15 $250/15 hours
RealNetworks via RealNetworks Foundation 10 $15/hour up to $900
Robert Half Inc Dollars for Doers Program $15/hour up to $1000
Salesforce Employee-Inspired Giving Program 56 $1000 Champion Grant
Sallie Mae Dollars for Doers Program 40 $250/40 hours
SC Johnson Dollars for Doers Program 40 $250/40 hours up to $500 max
Sephora Spehora Stands Gift Matching Program $10/hr
Soros Fund Management Volunteer Grants Program 20 $1000/20 hours up to $4000
Southwest Airlines Tickets for Time 40 In-kind round-trip ticket (domestic flight)
Starbucks Partner Match – Time 25 $250/25 hours up to $1000
State Farm Insurance Good Neighbor Grant Program 40 $500/40 hours
Symantec Corporation Dollars for Doers Program 1 $15/hour up to $1000
Symetra Life Insurance Company Symetra Cares Matching Program $10/hr up to $500
T.Rowe Price Group Dollars for Doers Program 25 up to $500
Tel Labs Tellabs Giving Time 15 $125/15 hours up to $500
Teradata Teradata Corp Volunteer 50 $250/50 hours
Time Warner & Subsidiaries IMPACT 30 $500/30 hours
Travelers Company Volunteer Grants 24 $500/24 hours
Tully’s (Keurig Green Mountain) Dollars for Doers 25
UnitedHealth Group Dollars for Doers Program 30 $500/30 hours
US Bank Dollars for Doing Volunteers $5/hour up to $200
Verizon Volunteer Incentive Program 50 $750/50 hours up to $1500
Visa Visa Volunteers
Wal-Mart/Sams Clubs Volunteerism Always Pays (VAP) Program 25 $250/25 hours
Washinton Post (Graham Holdings) Matching Gifts up to $2000
Xilinx Community Engagement Employee Grant 10 $20/hour up to $500

For reference only. Subject to change Please contact your HR representative for your company’s information.

Parent and Community Volunteers Needed as Instructors   Genius Hour needs your support! As many of you may know, our school was faced with an unexpected cut in our staff this fall, resulting in having fewer teachers and specialist available to teach our wonderful Genius Hour classes. Genius Hour is intended to offer students an opportunity to learn a new skill, craft, hobby or interest in a small class setting. To have a successful Genius Hour program with smaller class sizes, we are looking for volunteers to co-lead a Genius Hour course.   What is Genius Hour? Genius Hour, or as we call it GH^2,  has quickly become an integral part of learning at Genesee Hill for many reasons. GH^2 (see how it shares the same initials as our school), was started in the Fall of 2017, to take advantage of the 30 minutes extended to the elementary school day. We wanted to offer our students an opportunity to have unique learning experiences by providing weekly exploratory classes at each grade level for grades 1-5.   Students are exposed to a wide variety of classes ranging from art exploration, such as learning how to draw comics, create origami or pottery, to getting more active and physical through ultimate frisbee or unicycling, to learning about chemistry, coding and much more.   Students in Grades 1-5 have an opportunity to participate in a Genius Hour class one day per week during the last hour of the day. We will hold three Genius Hour Sessions, with each session lasting from 7-8 weeks. Genius Hour classes provide students with exploratory learning opportunities different from their traditional academic day. Students will rank their top choices and our “guarantee” is that they will get at least one of their top choices over the course of the year. The other two sessions will be an opportunity for them to try something new or that they didn’t expect they would love doing.   Last year, the structure of our program proved almost magical in the way it engaged kids (and teachers) in their learning.  The power of students making choices about their learning and having the opportunity to go deeper into a topic than the regular classroom time normally allows was key to this success.   This structure is also part of growing a learning culture that cultivates a growth mindset – students will experience success and failure differently than they do at academic tasks, and we want students to recognize what this experience teaches them about their own learning and passions.   The fact that all our classroom teachers plus many specialists, administrators and parents teach Genius Hour classes over the course of the week means that students get to form a different kind of relationship in small classes of 10-15 students.   Most importantly, we can provide these opportunities equitably for all kids within the school day so that we can engage all students in different kinds of learning.   WHAT IS THE NEED: We are looking for at least ONE volunteer lead class per day for each session (one class per grade level).   HOW CAN I HELP?

  1. Volunteer to Teach a Class: To fill the gaps that were created due to our staff changes, we need parents, grandparents and friends of the school to help teach a class, one afternoon (or more) a week. Do you have a talent, skill or interest that you think one or more of our grade levels could benefit from learning from? Do you know how to knit, sew, draw, code, lead science experiments, play a sport…? If so, we would love you to share these skills and talents with our students. Click on GENIUS HOUR APPLICATION to download an application.

Volunteer to help colead a class: Not sure about creating a class on your own, but you are more than willing to support someone who does, please let us know. Some of our instructors (both parent run and teacher run classes) have great classes set-up but could use additional adult support to make them run smoothly. If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity, please email Erika Rasmussen at You do not have to be an expert. You just need to have a desire to share these talents and skills with our students.   WHAT IS THE COMMITMENT? Genius Hour classes are approximately 50 minutes long, one-day a week. A Genius Hour session runs for 7-8 weeks. Volunteers are asked to commit to teaching one class per week during a session.   Genius Hour Sessions:

  • Session One: November 26th-February 1st
  • Session Two: February 4th-April 5th
  • Session Three: April 15th-June 7th

  When does each grade participate in Genius Hour?

  • Mondays: 2nd Grade (1:30 pm-2:25 pm)
  • Tuesdays: 3rd Grade (1:30 pm-2:25 pm)
  • Wednesdays: 1st Grade (12:25 pm-1:05 pm)
  • Thursdays: 4th Grade (1:30 pm-2:25 pm)
  • Fridays: 5th Grade (1:30 pm-2:25 pm)

WHY ARE TWO VOLUNTEERS NEEDED PER CLASS: We are asking that all volunteer lead classes be co-taught. This will help ensure that each class has adequate supervision and support during the class. It also adds support incase an instructor has an emergency and can not be there for the class. We still have an instructor available to teach the class.   I HAVE A GREAT IDEA BUT NOT A CO-LEADER: That’s okay. Please still apply to teach the class. We will work with you and our volunteer team to help secure an additional instructor.   WHAT TYPE OF CLASSES ARE NEEDED: Just about any type of class will work. This is an amazing opportunity to introduce our community to new, fun and exciting experiences. Some examples could be technology related (our tech lab is available), sports related, art & craft based, hobbies (knitting, crocheting, model design and building)…there are not limits to the types of possibilities. If you aren’t sure about an idea, please reach out to our Genius Hour team by contacting Erika Rasmussen at We will work with you on developing this idea out further. Our students are excited to learn a variety of new skills.   HOW TO APPLY: Please fill out the Genius Hour Application and submit it by Friday, October 26th. Applications can be submitted via email to Erika Rasmussen at (please include Genius Hour Application in your Subject line) or you can turn in a hard copy to the front office to the basket labeled GENIUS HOUR applications (please send Erika an email letting her know you dropped off your application). *Please let us know if you need support in completing your application. Hard copies can be made available as well.   PLEASE NOTE: The SPS Volunteer Application is required as well All applicants must also complete the Seattle Public Schools Volunteer Application (which must be completed yearly, as well as complete the one-time Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention-online course) before teaching a Genius Hour Class. Please go to to complete your volunteer application.   Thank you for supporting our Genius Hour program. For more information or if you have any questions, please reach out to Erika Rasmussen at