Cohort Corner

Want to help plan events for your grade level and get to know some amazing people? Being a cohort leader is a great way to bring families together within your grade — and make our big school feel small. Please email for more information.

cohort activity is an optional, low-key social event to connect families within a grade level.  The PTA has conviction that a strong school community where people know each other and feel connected, especially as our school grows, helps maintain a culture of collaboration, respect, and volunteer teamwork.

Cohort events are meant to give families a chance to spend time together and extend conversations beyond drop-off and pick-up times.  Some of these are with the entire family, and some are adults-only.

For details about your cohort’s upcoming events, visit the cohort-specific pages under the Cohort Corner menu above or the list below.

To help with community and information sharing, we have approval to set up private Facebook groups for families in each cohort. This is another place for conversation regarding remote learning and anything else related to our cohort. Only parents/caregivers in our grade can join the Facebook group and we have some verification questions to get pre-approval into the group. Look for a link for your group in an email from your cohort leaders.

Cohort Leaders will also email you with updates regularly. If you aren’t getting emails from your cohort about events, please email to join the email list for your grade. INCLUDE THE GRADE of your child/children, and we’ll get you set up to receive invitations to lots of fun events.


Cohort Leaders

Jennifer Weiss, Victoria Bhegani, Merrick Bodmer, Shelly Pfeifle, Stacy Day

Kati Baker, Kara Barclay, Laura Close, Katy Evans Stanfill, Cameron Findlay

Lindsay Aykens, Laura Jewett, Neomi Van Horn, Marisa Moore

Amy Huey, Duc Quan, Jennifer Weiss, Colleen Lowe

Courtney Hill, Lindsey Imbier, Louanne Dempsey, Krissy Harvis, Michael Dempsey, Greta Hartstrom

Chau Pho-Tung, Marisa Woodget, Jessy Stefanovic, Kiki Elbel