Digital Directory

The digital directory is a web-based tool that community members can access on their phones or computers. It has the same favorite features of the paper directory, but also has the added benefits of being accessible at all times and enabling users to call or text others directly from the app. The directory is private, accessible only to Genesee Hill staff and families with an email address on file.

Possible uses for the digital directory are endless. Want to reach out to families in your student’s class? Inspired to connect with your grade level cohort? Need to get a hold of the front office or reach your student’s enrichment instructor? Want to submit feedback to a PTA board member? The digital directory will support you in making these connections quickly and easily.

Your family’s contact information (besides the email addresses on file) will only be visible to others after you add it to the directory.  Check out your student’s profile and make the additions you wish to include, like phone numbers and addresses.

Directory Set-Up

  1. Download the app with this link or use this QR code 
  2. If you open the link on your phone, look for a pop-up to click to add the app to your home screen.   

  3. Enter your email address (the email the school has on file for you) 

  4. Check the agreement box, then the “Continue” button. Please remember that our directory is intended for families to connect with one another easily and other uses are strictly prohibited.

  5. Check your email inbox for the PIN in order to finalize the log in process. 

  6. Go to your child’s profile to update your contact information to suit your needs.  Parent/guardian emails are already loaded, but you need to add phone numbers and addresses.  If you want to receive text messages from the PTA, be sure to add your cell number.  

Directory FAQ and Troubleshooting

First, double check that you are using the e-mail address the school has on file for you.  If it still doesn’t work or you’re uncertain what that email is, contact Rene at for help.

The PIN may have expired.  Please follow the set-up instructions from the beginning to get another pin sent to your email.

Please follow the instructions above under “Directory Set-Up.”  The app should download automatically, but it will vary by device how to get the app added to your home screen.  For an iPhone, you may need to close the “add app” pop up window and then hit the “share” button on your device. Choose “Add to Home Screen” to have the app added just like other apps.

Our digital directory is only available to families and staff of Genesee Hill Elementary school.  In order to access the information, you must have a valid email address registered with the school.  

Choose “Teachers” from the bottom menu and click on your child’s teacher.  The room parents and class list will be below the teacher’s photo.

Click on “Students” in the bottom menu.  Search or scroll to your child’s name.  Click on the pencil icon in the top right corner of your child’s profile page to open the edit screen.  These edits only save to that student, so you need to repeat them for each child in your family. 

Email addresses in the profile cannot be edited this way.  To change your email address in the directory, email Rene at

Yes! If you would like to be removed from the directory, email the principal at  You may remove or edit the email addresses in your child’s profile or you may have your family removed completely.

Please follow the set-up instructions again to get a new PIN.  The good news is you don’t need to remember a password! You should only need to log back in after closing the app down completely or after updates.