Welcome to the Advocacy Page!

Advocacy work is at the heart of the PTA. A number of the biggest advancements in children’s education in the United States have happened because of PTA advocacy. These accomplishments include the creation of kindergarten classes, child labor laws, hot and healthy lunch programs, mandatory immunizations, and school safety.

Supporting advocacy work is one of the best ways that you can support all children getting the excellent education that every child needs and every child deserves. How can you get involved with this? 

How to Support Advocacy 

First, you can join the Genesee Hill PTA so that your voice and your vote become a part of the membership.

Second, you can follow advocacy initiatives at local, state and national levels (Seattle Council PTSASeattle Special Education PTSAWashington State PTA and National PTA).

Third, you can contact our District 6 representatives about issues you care about: School Board Director Leslie Harris and City Councimember Lisa Herbold.

Fourth, you can join our Advocacy Committee to see what current advocacy issues are on the table right now!  Email to join.

Current Advocacy Issues 

SPS students’ access to technology: As of September 24, 2020, roughly 8,000 SPS students (about %10 of our student population) were still not logging into Teams. We need to ensure that the SPS is reaching out to these students and actively finding ways to make learning accessible to them. If this is a problem for you, contact the SPS Chief Financial Officer overseeing tech:

Collecting Stories: The legislative season will begin mid-December and in the coming months, one thing PTAs are going to be asked to do is collect and tell the stories that are unfolding at our schools. The stories we will especially interested in are the ones that show how the issues we voted on shape things on the ground. For example, we might look for narratives about how children at Genesee Hill are experiencing remote learning. Or we might want to tell the story of how children at our school access mental health and how this is funded.  Email with your stories.

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