Get Involved

Genesee Hill Elementary is unique in part because of our extraordinary PTA. As a PTA, we support critical academic needs, give voice to important issues, and build a strong and inclusive community

Each year, our community members contribute their voice, time, talent, and resources so that all students can realize their potential. 

There is no wrong way to PTA! Whether you add your voice, volunteer your time, share your talents, or donate your resources – all contributions are valued. Start by joining our PTA today!

GIVE YOUR VOICE: The PTA is active at the local, state and national levels, impacting decisions affecting your child’s health, safety and quality of education. Your voice is important to advocate for all school children, from our school to the entire nation.  Together our voices are even more powerful.  Visit our Advocacy tab for up-to-date opportunities to speak up.

GIVE TIME: Whether you have a lot of time to contribute or a little, the day-to-day operations of our school and PTA sponsored events depend on community volunteers. Check out the Volunteer Tab, Monthly PTA Newsletters, Dandelion Initiative page, School Bulletins, and classroom emails for requests for current and upcoming volunteer needs throughout the year. 

GIVE TALENT: Not all volunteer needs are during the school day! There are other ways to lend your talent to our school. We are always looking for additional resources or connections to resources – from graphic designers and printing services to photographers, videographers, project managers for events and, of course, the PTA Board! Contact our volunteer coordinator committee to offer your talents.

GIVE RESOURCES: There are many opportunities to donate to the PTA throughout the year. Big or small – all contributions are appreciated! From our Supply Drive and Move-A-Thon to Amazon Smile and Corporate Matching, there are countless ways to contribute. Learn more on our fundraising overview page