Our Mission

The Genesee Hill PTA serves the school and community by providing a powerful voice to all children, relevant resources to families, and cohesive advocacy to, and partnership with, the greater West Seattle Community and School District.

We inspire ACTION, promote INCLUSION, and provide an EQUITABLE educational experience for all students of the Genesee Hill School and Community.

What does the PTA do?

The Genesee Hill PTA (PTA #6.15.320) endeavors to consistently provide our children and teachers a fruitful learning and teaching environment within our school and community. Your participation will continue to expand the horizons of what’s possible and to perpetuate the spirit of maximizing the potential within our children.

Genesee Hill Elementary is fortunate to have talented leadership setting high expectations, educators striving for excellence, and parents who actively participate. Your help enables this fine legacy of our children and sets the stage for future generations of little Foxes who enter our community.

What do we support?

Our PTA dollars are hard at work! To see a list of where we direct the majority of our funds, visit our Fundraising page.

Join our Community, Create a Legacy

Take part in a great opportunity to not only join the PTA, but also a community that makes a difference: Join today. For more information, contact us anytime at board@geneseehillpta.org.

What are the PTA’s Standing Rules?

Please view our Standing Rules Document for details on how we are organized and how we do business.

PTA Budget and Expense Reimbursement Request:

(please note, PTA budgets and expense forms are password protected and accessible to PTA members only. To get the password, email treasurer@geneseehillpta.org)

Project Planning

Have an idea for the PTA? Parents and Staff are encouraged to bring new ideas to the PTA. Proposals can be small or large, with requests for funding or volunteers. Ideally, submissions are brought in prior to the budget committee meetings that take place in the spring, when we plan the following year’s budget. Please email us and talk to one of our board members about your plan.


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