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Volunteer for Move-A-Thon

The Genesee Hill Annual Move-A-Thon event is happening throughout the school day on Friday, June 23. Each grade has an allotted time to participate and we are seeking volunteers to count laps, pass out popsicles, and pass out the feet earned by our runners. Each volunteer slot is for 1 hour.

To sign up to volunteer, please go to the link below. To volunteer, you need to be cleared through the SPS process.
In addition to the volunteers, we encourage cheering spectators to come and cheer on each grade as they run laps! Cheer Crew does not need to be approved volunteers.

Grade runs times: 
  5th Kinder 1st 4th 2nd 3rd
Run Time – 10min 8:40 – 9:00 9:15 – 9:25 9:40-9:50 10:05-10:25 12:50-1:00 1:15-1:35
Students should wear their assigned class color on the day of the event!

















Loeppky/Ms. McDonough










Della Pella










Walk, Bike & Roll to School on May 3

Get ready for Walk, Bike & Roll to School Day!

Day: Wednesday, May 3

Time: Kids arrive between 7:20 and 7:45

Place: Upper Parking Lot on Dakota St

Similar to last year, we have decided to expand the event to include alternative modes of transportation, hence walk, bike and roll. Learn more about the national initiative here

Volunteers will be along Genesee, Dakota, and 51st to direct traffic to the parking lot. We will also have volunteers in the parking lot to help kids park their bikes/scooters, stay organized, and keep the flow of traffic moving. 

Parents of older kids, please ask your kids to allow the younger kids access to the tables as it can be overwhelming for some. 

The kids will park their bike (or scooter), quickly grab a snack, and then be directed to head into the lower playground area to line up for class as they normally would. They will be allowed to take their helmets with them to class or leave on their bikes. Walkers can participate as well and go directly to the line for their snack. 

We understand that it isn’t possible for every family to participate in this event. So if your child would still like to visit the parking lot and retrieve a snack between 7:20-7:45, there will be enough for all kids who would like one. One way to participate if you need to drive is to drop off your child in a safe location a few blocks away from school and have them walk the rest of the way. This also helps ease congestion around the school grounds.

During school: The bikes will be watched by the front office.

After school: Kids retrieve their bikes on their own.

Safety Resources:

Contact Dave Conway at if you have any questions or would like to help out during the event. We have enough volunteers but extra hands always help!

Help us celebrate Genesee teachers

We have a full agenda for Teacher Appreciation Week (May 8-12) with plenty of opportunities to contribute. Just pick the level of participation that’s best for you. The PTA will fill in the gaps to honor our school staff, from grade level teachers to administration, CHAMPS, and janitorial services.

Here’s how you can help give our teachers the extra credit they deserve:

Monday: Flowers & homemade gifts
All are invited to send their children to school with flowers, homemade cards, or other homemade gifts or drawings for their teachers. We need volunteers to collect the gifts before school starts, for each grade level. Sign up here

Tuesday: Coffee day
Every teacher, specialist, and staffer will receive a drink of their choice from Hotwire Coffeehouse, courtesy of the PTA. 1-2 volunteers are needed to unload the coffee order before school starts. Sign up here

Wednesday: Sweets and treats
Drop off homemade or store-bought baked goods at the front of the school, before school starts. They’ll be distributed in the teacher’s lounge. Sign up here

Thursday: Snacks for teachers
Drop off snacks and finger foods at the front of the school before school starts, for distribution in the teacher’s lounge. Sign up here

Friday: Potluck for teachers
Drop off a dish or beverage at the front of the school before school starts, and contribute to a lunchtime potluck for staff. Sign up here

Join the PTA board–please inquire now!

At the June 2023 membership meeting, the Genesee Hill Elementary PTA will be electing officers for the 2023-2024 PTA year. We need your help to convene a responsive, thoughtful, and community-focused board. If you are interested in joining the board or know someone who would be a great community leader, please submit a nomination or an inquiry form today!

Joining the PTA board is an exciting and interesting way to get involved in our Genesee Hill community. Some good reasons to join the PTA board are:

  • You’ll help build an inclusive and equitable Genesee Hill community 
  • You’ll meet other great moms and dads serving on the board
  • You’ll get to know teachers and the school administrators personally
  • You’ll make a big difference and feel more connected than ever to your Genesee Hill community 

Hesitant about signing up alone? You can partner up with a friend to co-chair any open position!

If you are interested in joining the PTA Board or if you know someone who might be interested, please submit an inquiry form or nomination by April 30, 2023. Submitting a nomination or inquiry isn’t a commitment, it just starts a conversation!

Curious about what each position does? Check out this list of positions and descriptions

Any questions? Your friendly nominating committee is here to help. Contact us anytime: Stephanie Scott at

Spring 2023 Enrichment registration opens this week

We are excited to announce that Enrichment is back! Spring 2023 Enrichment registration will open on Tuesday, March 28 at 7pm
Sign-ups will be done through Homeroom. It is recommended to update or create your Homeroom account prior to Tuesday. We expect many of the classes to fill up quickly, so mark your calendars
There are class minimums and maximums, classes close and students are waitlisted in Homeroom once classes reach capacity; it is up to class vendors whether to hold a class that has not reached its student minimum. Payment is required at the time of registration. Classes will start the week of April 17 and conclude Friday June 23.
There are classes available to students in all grade levels, however please read the attached course descriptions carefully as not all classes are slated for all grades. If you do not have internet access, please contact the enrichment team before enrollment opens to complete an offline enrollment. If cost is a barrier to your child’s participation, scholarships are available. Contact the enrichment team before enrollment opens to receive a scholarship invitation.
We are still in need of 1 volunteer on Tuesday afternoon. In exchange for your time you are given priority enrollment and a scholarship to a class of your choosing. Contact the enrichment team if interested.
Check out our FAQ page more detailed information about the program and registration via Homeroom. 
Thanks for supporting the GH Enrichment Program!

Preview the class schedule

Volunteer of the Month: Liyun Cecil

Genesee Hill Elementary is excited to highlight and give recognition to Liyun Cecil as our 2023 January Volunteer of the Month! 

Liyun brought our very first Lunar New Year event to life last month, and all who attended hope to see this event make a yearly comeback. We would like to thank Liyun for organizing and planning this fun and successful event. Everyone who attended was excited to share their positive feedback and experiences. We were left with wonderful impressions and memories while learning about why Lunar New Year is so special to many around the world. 

Lunar New Year is celebrated by billions of people and is one of the most important social and economic holidays. It is a public holiday that is observed across multiple days in China, North and South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Many travel to spend time with family as it is a time to observe and honor a household, heavenly deities and ancestors to bring in the celebration and arrival of spring. 

The Red Dragon Dancers were one of the favorite highlights of our celebration at Genesee, along with a very talented Diabolo handler. Everyone was encouraged by Liyun to give the Diabolo a try for themselves. There was also prayer writing, paper puzzles, snacks, and books to learn more about why Lunar New Year is celebrated by so many. 

Liyun and her Husband, Matt, have a second grader, Lucian, and a fourth grader, Sebby, at Genesee Hill Elementary. They have a hamster named Cookie. They love going skiing in the winter during the weekends. You might also bump into them at the Y or Meeples Games. 

Liyun grew up in Taiwan and moved to the US in 2007. Before Liyun and her family settled in Seattle, they lived in Colorado and California for several years. She’s been loving Seattle’s cultural and food diversity since they moved here in 2014. 

Liyun has a background in Social Work and Music Therapy. She practiced music therapy for a few years when Sebby and Lucian were little. Currently, she is an active board member of the Taiwanese Association of Greater Seattle, which promotes Taiwanese culture and serves Taiwanese residents of the Seattle area.

She was excited to work with the PTA for the school’s first Lunar New Year Celebration event. 

 Liyun is looking forward to working with the PTA to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion at school. 

Thank you Liyun for a fantastic first Lunar New Year, the year of the Black Rabbit at Genesee Hill Elementary!!