Walk, Bike & Roll to School on May 3

Get ready for Walk, Bike & Roll to School Day!

Day: Wednesday, May 3

Time: Kids arrive between 7:20 and 7:45

Place: Upper Parking Lot on Dakota St

Similar to last year, we have decided to expand the event to include alternative modes of transportation, hence walk, bike and roll. Learn more about the national initiative here

Volunteers will be along Genesee, Dakota, and 51st to direct traffic to the parking lot. We will also have volunteers in the parking lot to help kids park their bikes/scooters, stay organized, and keep the flow of traffic moving. 

Parents of older kids, please ask your kids to allow the younger kids access to the tables as it can be overwhelming for some. 

The kids will park their bike (or scooter), quickly grab a snack, and then be directed to head into the lower playground area to line up for class as they normally would. They will be allowed to take their helmets with them to class or leave on their bikes. Walkers can participate as well and go directly to the line for their snack. 

We understand that it isn’t possible for every family to participate in this event. So if your child would still like to visit the parking lot and retrieve a snack between 7:20-7:45, there will be enough for all kids who would like one. One way to participate if you need to drive is to drop off your child in a safe location a few blocks away from school and have them walk the rest of the way. This also helps ease congestion around the school grounds.

During school: The bikes will be watched by the front office.

After school: Kids retrieve their bikes on their own.

Safety Resources:

Contact Dave Conway at dconway23@gmail.com if you have any questions or would like to help out during the event. We have enough volunteers but extra hands always help!

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