Schmitz Park History Celebration on June 3

1956 pictureSchmitz Park History Celebration – Friday, June 3rd @ 6:30!
Come and join the Schmitz Park Elementary Community, to honor the legacy of the last 60 years. Along with members of the Schmitz family, we will be joined by teachers, staff, parents, and students, past and present.
Historical information, pictures, and memorabilia will be on display.

We will use the whole school and grounds to visit, lets hope for lovely weather!

6:30 – 7 pm  Meet and Greet, played in by the WSHS band
7 pm Brief Presentation, Front Courtyard followed by Cake and Coffee

7:15 – 8 pm Open House

For more questions or more information on how to get involved, please email Fiona at or visit our web page.

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