Attention Kindergarten Parents – Here’s What to Expect with Slow Start

For the first time, Slow Start will be a part of Kindergarten orientation at Genesee Hill Elementary, providing a great opportunity for the Kindergarten Team to gain a better understanding of the cohort before jumping in with both feet on September 12th.

By now, you should have all received your Slow Start assignment. Please remember that this is a time for students only – parents and caregivers will drop-off and pick-up their students at the assigned times as if it were a normal school day.

During your child’s scheduled time, he/she will have:

  • A one-on-one “getting-to-know-you” meeting with his/her teacher. This will provide a chance for your child to meet their new teacher, see the classroom, and provide an initial view for the teacher about your child’s starting point at the beginning of this important journey.
  • An opportunity to work with the reading specialist and tutor team in both large and small group activities that should give them more information about important aspects of each child’s developmental level.
  • Recess! Play is a very important aspect of child development and they learn a lot about them during recess time.

On Friday afternoon (9/9), the entire team will look at all the data they have collected over the week and make any classroom placement changes that they deem necessary to maintain balance among all the Kindergarten classes.

On Thursday, 9/8, at 6pm, please remember to join us for Kindergarten Orientation. All families will start in the cafeteria, then parents will move to individual classrooms while students learn about playing on the playground. While they want you to focus on your new Kindergarten student, younger siblings are welcome, and the playground will be available for parents to supervise toddlers.

If you have any questions or concerns, our tireless Assistant Principle, Liz Dunn, has said not to hesitate contacting her: 206.252.9642 |

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