Back-to-School Online Packets

Medical-paperwork_2Back-to-school digital packets. Everyone received a very small packet, Monday, 9/8/14, consisting of their student’s “data sheet” plus the purchase envelope for school pictures. ALL the other forms for the year have been turned into electronic forms. If you would prefer a hard copy of the forms to fill out instead, please let your child’s teacher know. We have hard-copy packets available in the main office. Please look carefully at the student data sheet and return any updates and corrections as soon as possible.

THIS WEEK: Please take the time to fill out the documents below.  They are all attached and available on the school website. It really should not take you very long, and you simply press the “submit” button at the end of each form (no uploading).  On our end, this information will dump into a spread sheet that will be instantly organized and useable.  If you would prefer to fill these forms out by hand, please request a packet from your child’s teacher – we have many packets already made up and easy to send home.

 Simply click on the PDF files below, fill out the forms and click the “Submit” button. The “Submit” button is located on the last page in the lower right-hand corner of each file*:

  • School Opening Parent Checklist 2014: Start by opening the “checklist” document, fill this out and submit it for the basic authorizations we need to track regarding your child. This document will help you to keep track of the rest of the documents to fill out.
  • SP_Forms-ERelease_Internet_Media_PTA-Opt-in_2014:
    Emergency release information, Internet access, Media allowance and PTA Opt-in forms.
  • SP_Forms-Health_Medical_Meds_2014:
    Student health, medical needs and at school medication forms.
  • SP_Forms-Volunteer_Info_Background-Check-2014:
    This PDF contains volunteer information and background check form. All volunteers, even for field trips, need to fill out a background check form. There are good for only one year now.
  • SP_PTA_Forms-Fundraising_Info_2014:
    Fundraising information and “Give Where You Live” donation form.
  • SPS_Packet_504_Housing-Forms_2014:
    Seattle Public Schools information, 504 information and form and Student Housing questionaire.
  • SP_PTA_Packet_2014:
    PTA information regarding events, cohort activities and the Move-A-Thon.

    *Please note the PDFs must be downloaded to your Desktop and opened in Adobe Reader (Acrobat), they will not work with Apple Preview or in the Chrome browser. You can adjust your plugins in the Chrome browser to enable Adobe Reader: Go to chrome://plugins, find Chrome PDF viewer and click on “disable”, find Adobe Reader and click “enable” then check the button “Always allow” and the Chrome issue is resolved. Download the free Adobe Acrobat now:

TODAY: your child brought home a manila envelope containing a few standard paper pieces.  Besides the picture order form, the most important piece of paper is what we call the student “Data Sheet” – this is a print out of all the personal data our student information system currently has on file for your child.  If any of this data needs to be updated or fixed, please make the changes directly on the form and return to your child’s teacher (if everything is complete and accurate, you may shred/discard this document).  If you will be purchasing pictures this week, make sure your child arrives with the appropriate check on his/her picture day (1st and 2nd grades on Thursday, K and 3-5 on Friday).

While I have your attention, it has come to my attention that we will have to reschedule our planned September 18th Curriculum Night (Grades 1, 2, 3, 5) because of a conflict with Madison’s curriculum night.  We will send a notification of the new date as soon as possible for your planning, and I apologize for the inconvenience.

Please let me or your child’s teacher know if you have any questions, and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone here at school for the second annual Schmitzville Carnival on Friday!

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