Membership Chair

The Genesee Hill PTA Membership Chair will:

  • Attend monthly PTA Board Meetings and General Membership Meetings; provide updates regarding membership enrollment numbers, recruitment plans, etc.
  • Attend/participate in a training offered by the Washington State PTA
  • Be familiar with the Washington State PTA Membership Handbook found under Resources on the Washington State PTA website
  • Assist in identifying activity and committee leads for those activities under your area of responsibility
  • Provide weekly and/or monthly newsletter items to keep membership informed of your area of responsibility (i.e. membership count, news, etc.)
  • Complete Committee Plan of Action Forms for any programs, activities or events to be presented at board meetings, preferably one month prior
  • Ensure each activity chairperson/volunteer is trained for his/her specific area of responsibility and has whatever resources needs to work effectively
  • Provide either written or oral reports/progress updates of all committees at Board and General Membership Meetings, as necessary
  • Seek out grants, as needed, for your area of responsibility
  • Oversee and coordinate hospitality at all PTA General Membership Meetings and other functions, as necessary (i.e. Curriculum Night, Monster Mash, Family Game Night, Science Night/Math Night)
  • Coordinate ongoing and yearlong membership drive. Have a booth or table at all events (especially Sep-Dec)
  • Coordinate Kinder Cohort Leads to have PTA membership representation at Kinder Summer Play Dates before the school year begins
  • Work with the president to help support Kindergarten Tours/Open Houses in January and February
  • Accept and track all membership forms and dues. Verify state invoices and submit to treasurer for timely payment
  • Maintain Genesee Hill PTA membership list, provide to nominating committee and treasurer
  • Verify PTA membership for patrons who pay PTA member price at social events.
  • Check folder at school at least once a week
  • Send any social media posts on behalf of the PTA to communications
  • Upload all pertinent documents to OneDrive by June 30
  • Meet with replacement for following year (if applicable) by June 30 for training