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Stories of Genesee Hill

During the legislative season PTAs are being asked to collect and tell the stories that are unfolding at our schools. We are especially interested in stories that show how the issues we voted on in the WSPTA Legislative Assembly shape things on the ground. Then Victoria Bhegani, our Legislative Chair, will share these stories with our legislators and out to the Genesee community. First we collected stories about how families and teachers at Genesee Hill are experiencing remote learning. See all the responses here!

Stories of Genesee Hill: Health Supports

In the second installment of Stories of Genesee Hill, we’re collecting stories about how students access medical and mental health supports through school. Like with the last installment, we’d love to hear about challenges, successes or anything else you’d like to share. We will share these responses with legislators and our school community in the hope that this will raise awareness and encourage policymakers to pass legislation that promotes better access to health supports for children across our state.