School Supplies

For years, Genesee Hill PTA has purchased school and classroom supplies in bulk, saving families time and money. The funds for supplies are donated by our school families. This communal effort ensures that every student is equipped with the materials they need to learn and is provided with the supplies they need regardless of financial ability.

If you are able to reimburse the PTA for the supplies given to your student(s), please enclose a payment for the amount that is feasible for you ($30 is the approximate cost per student). Please note, at times rounding and estimations result in funds being collected in excess of the final cost of student and classroom supplies. When excess funds are collected, they are pooled in the PTA General Fund in order to continue to fund the services and programs our school provides to families.

Please make checks payable to Genesee Hill PTA or click on the Donate Now button below and pay online:


Thank you for your continued support! Every donation counts!