Schmitz Park Science Celebration Night



Thursday, May 14, 2015

6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

It’s the end of the year, it’s time to celebrate all the great science work we’ve done as a community.


WHO IS COMING? · Seattle Aquarium · Seattle App Academy · Camp Long · Seattle Tilth · Issaquah Salmon Hatchery · Mad Science · UW/Washington Sea Grant· Islandwood Homewaters · Museum of Flight · Duwamish Alive! ·Clean Energy Institute University of Washington· West Seattle High School · Sealth High School · Ms. Poole· Schmitz Park’s own Heather Hsu · Another great Schmitz Park family: Margaret & Oliver Jones



Schmitz Park students work with science all year, it is an important part of our community. This is a night to celebrate the work we do in the classroom and with organizations who work with our teachers and those who can help our students and families explore outside the classroom.   Interested?:

  • Volunteering as a composter, or working on soil experiments in class? Visit Seattle Tilth, or Ms. Klein‘s class lab reports.
  • Did you do Hour of Code this year? Are you hooked?  Visit the Seattle App Academy, a local coding school, and mess around with Arduino Boards and Midstorms Robotics.
  • Looking forward to Islandwood next year? Everyone says it’s great (trust us, it is), stop by and see for yourself.
  • Are you a 5th grader sailing the Salish Seas? Learn about ocean acidification with the UW/ Washington Sea Grant.
  • Did you hear all about last year’s cool robot from the Museum of Flight? It’s back.
  • Missing the salmon fry near the entrance? We got them from the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery.  They will be around to tell you more about the Salmon life cycle, and they will dissect a salmon.
  • What did you do for Earth Day last month? Did you know that there are many great volunteers working to rehabilitate our Duwamish River?  Duwamish Alive! will be here to show how it became so polluted in the first place and what is being done to make it healthy again.
  • Are you interested in alternative energy?  Learn how solar panels work and try your hand at connecting and racing a solar powered derby car with the Clean Energy Institute from the University of Washington.
  • Does your family head to low tide to observe sea creatures? Observe them up close with Ms. Poole, who will dissect and examine the body parts of squid.
  • Have a budding scientist at home who likes to try out experiments? Let them try their hand with Heather Hsu‘s science experiments.
  • West Seattle High School will join send three great teachers to introduce students to Life Sciences, (Monique Philp and Kevin Barth) and Physics, and Chemistry with David Bergman.
  • Did you get a request for a chemistry set?  Send your budding chemist over to watch Margaret & Oliver Jones work their magic with crystals.

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