Monthly Newsletters

Look to Genesee Hill News for updates on all PTA events and programs and fun sections like interviews with Genesee Hill teachers and staff. Enjoy!

  • Staff Spotlight: P.E. teacher Ms. Sealey 
  • Spotlight on WA State PTA Advocacy Focus Week
  • Community Question: Why do we have a $15 membership fee and what is it used for?
  • Staff Spotlight: new school nurse M.C. Nachtigal
  • Spotlight on Unity Night
  • Community Question: What is Fundshifting?
  • Spotlight on Direct Give 
  • Community Question: What are Opportunity Fund Grants?
  • Legislative Update: 2021 Legislative Assembly Recap
  • Staff spotlight: new kinder teacher Elizabeth Owen
  • Spotlight on Cohorts
  • Community Question: Is Genesee Hill PTA is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization? If so, are you able to provide documentation for tax purposes?
  • Staff spotlight: new music teacher Janelle Murray
  • Spotlight on PTA membership
  • Community Question: What were the results of the June 2021 PTA Community Survey?
  • Staff spotlight: Hayley Craig
  • Spotlight on Move-a-Thon
  • Community Questions about how our budget works
  • Staff spotlight: Access Staff Member, Craig Garretson
  • Spotlight on pertinent bills that were passed this legislative season
  • Community Questions: What is happening with the Dandelion Initiative this year? & Who are CHAMPSS? What do they do at
    Genesee Hill?
  • Staff spotlight: Math Specialist Dana Cochran
  • Spotlight on the budget
  • Community Question: What is the BLT? Does GHE have one?
  • Staff spotlight: music teacher Ms. Bronson
  • Spotlight on PTA Board Nominations 
  • Community Questions about Direct Give 
  • Staff spotlight: office assistant, Valerie
  • Spotlight on the Direct Give Campaign 
  • Community Question: What is the Genesee Hill staff doing to work on Equity at Genesee Hill?
  • Staff spotlight: dance teacher Mr. Turner
  • Spotlight on PTA Legislative Priorities
  • Staff spotlight: P.E. teacher Ms. Sealey 
  • Spotlight on Unity Night
  • Community Questions: How does the after school enrichment program look different this year? 
  • Staff spotlight: resource room teacher, Dorothy Wells
  • Update on Genesee Hill’s Anti-Racism Resolution
  • Spotlight on the Digital Directory
  • Community question: Where do the proceeds from the BLM shirts go?
  • Staff spotlight: office assistant, Stacy Pritchard
  • Spotlight on Cohorts
  • Community Questions about PTA advocacy work
  • Staff spotlight: school counselor, Jennifer Watts
  • Spotlight on Membership
  • Community Question: We have a new logo? Why?
    Don’t we need to get approval from the