Legislative/Advocacy Chair(s)

The Genesee Hill PTA Legislative Chair will inform the parent community with regards to state law making, city actions, and PTA advocacy. This is an appointed position and the Legislative Chair serves on the PTA Board and will be integral in decision making and fiduciary responsibilities.

The Genesee Hill PTA Legislative Chair will:

  • Stay informed on legislative actions regarding education and funding at the state and city levels.
  • Stay informed on WSPTSA advocacy, goals, and legislation.
  • Attend monthly PTA Board Meetings and General Meetings, provide updates regarding state law making and PTA advocacy and organize informational sessions, in compliance with WSPTSA guidelines or bylaws.
  • Attend at least one training session offered by the WSPTSA during the year.
  • Act as main point of contact for legislative questions from various audiences inside and outside Genesee Hill.
  • Commit to two years in this position.
  • Create a cohesive communication plan utilizing PTA and school approved communication mediums (bulletins, websites, Facebook, emails, etc) to reach general members and the parent community, outside of meeting