Google Groups

Schmitz Park PTA uses Google Groups to facilitate communication among sections of our
In its simplest form, each group is an e-mail distribution list – a way for us to be sure that e-mails reach everyone who is subscribed. Each group can also be viewed online, where all of the previous discussions are archived.
Groups for the 2014-2015 school year:

Most of our groups are set up as open discussion groups where members can post freely but non-members’ messages require moderator approval. Please observe some standard rules of etiquette – The Washington State PTA gives these suggestions in the leadership packet for this year (on page 18).

  • Think before you send. Your email can be forwarded to anyone in the world. Read it again. Would you be embarrassed if anybody in the world read it?
  • Be careful not to make personal judgments that might be considered libel by those whom you are making judgments about. Read it again.
  • Put in the subject line what you want your “audience” to do: respond, read only, etc. Some additions to your subject might be: Respond please, FYI only, etc. Those receiving your emails will know exactly what your expectations are.
Directions for managing your subscription are always included at the end of every message.

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