Global Passport Program

NOTE: The Genesee Hill Global Passport Program has been put on hold!  Please find some exciting links below to entertain your young geographer in addition to the information about what the GPP will look like once we can proceed!  Thank you for the offers of support! 

The Global Passport Program at Genesee Hill Elementary School is designed to familiarize students with global geography knowledge. A student who completes all five levels of the program during their time at Genesee Hill will be able to identify the following:

  • 133 Countries
  • 3 Geographic Coordinates
  • 7 Continents
  • 9 Landscape Features (Mountains/Deserts)
  • 50 States
  • 33 World Capital Cities
  • 39 Bodies of Water

Learning these baseline geography skills serves as a platform from which to build a greater knowledge of all people (including our students) and the places in which they live!  Our world is becoming more interconnected every day and each of us is a piece of this greater puzzle.  Here are some thoughts on why one should study Geography:

GLOBAL PASSPORT at Genesee Hill looks very different this year, like all other subjects and many aspects of life!  We are hoping you choose to continue providing your child with this learning opportunity!

How does my child begin?

Students in grades 1 – 5 can access the monthly map via the link located in the GPP schedule below.  It is our hope that hard copies of maps can still be distributed on a monthly basis.  Each month’s map focuses on a different part of the world. Students will study the maps and be tested on their ability to locate countries, lakes, rivers, mountains, etc. toward the end of each month.  When country capitals are featured, students should be able to name the capital city when given the country’s name.  

How should my child practice?  

If a paper map is not available and you have the means to print one, please do so!  Many students choose to color their maps as a form of practice.  Your student can always open up the map link on their device and study it on the screen as well.  Maybe siblings quiz can each other.  Maybe students research some facts about a country of their choosing, or even get an adult to help them prepare a food from one of the featured countries.  Be creative and have fun if you have time and interest!  For additional practice and fun, one of our very own Genesee Hill students, Chloe Scott-Yu, has created a video game using Scratch which you can access via these links:










Any questions or feedback about these scratch games can go directly to Chloe at!

A former Genesee Hill student discovered this game for young Geography enthusiasts, called Seterra Geography: Seterra Geography – Free Map Quiz Games.

Which level(s) should my child study?

There are five levels on each monthly map. Our goal for each student is to pass all levels up to and including the level of his/her corresponding grade.  Want to learn more?  Study and test at a higher level as a challenge activity!  Here is a quick guideline:

1st Grade:       Pass Level 1
2nd Grade:      Pass Levels 1 and 2
3rd Grade:       Pass Levels 1, 2 and 3
4th Grade:       Pass Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4
5th Grade:       Pass Levels 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

How are students tested during at home learning?  

Testing will happen at home!  Parents, caregivers, or siblings can test students the last week of each month; and though we are not keeping track in our records, we invite you to record their score on the map and draw a star or offer a sticker, etc.  

To test, ask the student, “Please show me (name of country).” The student should point to the country on the blank side of the map.  Wondering about capitals?  Ask students, “What is the capital of (country name)?”

Generally, “passing” means that the student only misses one feature or country in all of Levels 1-3. (Now, if they are only doing level 1, missing one of those countries is fine!)  If the student moves on to Levels 4 and 5, he/she can miss one more and still “pass”.  Help them with hints if they having trouble remembering, but do not encourage guessing!  

December has two maps!   The first map contains Levels 1-3 and has been confusing in the past because it only asks a handful of countries/features.  Now you know!  The second map contains all 50 U.S. States.  Passing Level 5 for December means passing the first map, then the United States map. To pass the United States Map, the tester (YOU!) will randomly choose 15 states that the student must correctly identify. For a challenge, the student can identify all 50 states.  

Will my child get a printed Passport this year?  

Unfortunately, it would not make sense to spend funds on a physical Passport.  If there is a budget at all, it will go toward printing of maps and/or any incentives we may still be able to offer.  

What is happening to the incentives this year?

We are not sure!  In the past, we have offered country flag bookmarks for passing up to Level 3 and a flag pin for identifying all 50 states correctly in December.  Ideally we could still offer our top incentive (a Genesee Global Passport t-shirt!) for passing all Levels every month.  Though the likelihood is small, it is not impossible.  So, please do record your students score if they pass all Level 5 every month in the event that the GPP procures funds to offer the t-shirt.  

Who tests the students?

This year YOU do as a parent or caregiver!  Siblings can also test one another.  Have fun!

Let us know if you have questions or want to share your creative ways of studying, testing, or celebrating human geography by emailing us: at

Passport Testing Dates and Study Materials

Click on the study map to download a PDF for that month's test.
SeptemberSeptember 21-25September Passport Lvl 5
OctoberOctober 26–30October Passport Lvl 5
NovemberNovember 16-20November Passport Lvl 5
DecemberDecember 14-18December Passport Lvl 1-3
December Passport Lvl 4-5
*Please note students must study and pass both maps in order to pass level 5.
JanuaryJanuary 25-29January Passport Lvl 5
FebruaryFebruary 22-26February Passport Lvl 5
MarchMarch 22-26March Passport Lvl 5
AprilApril 26 - 30April Passport Lvl 5
MayMay 24 - 28May Passport Lvl 5