School FAQ

When is the first day of school for the 2018/2019 school year?

Wednesday, September 5 (grades 1-5)

Monday, September 10 (Kindergarten)

When are room assignments posted?

Class assignments will be posted by the front door on the Friday before school starts. 

What is the bell schedule?

For the 2018/2019 school year, the bell schedule was the following:

  • Mondays: First bell at 7:50, tardy bell at 7:55, dismissal at 2:25.
  • Tuesdays: First bell at 7:50, tardy bell at 7:55, dismissal at 2:25.
  • Wednesdays: First bell at 7:50, tardy bell at 7:55, dismissal at 1:10 (**all Wednesdays EXCEPT the first day of school, 9/6 – dismissal at 2:25)
  • Thursdays: First bell at 7:50, tardy bell at 7:55, dismissal at 2:25.
  • Friday: First bell at 7:50, tardy bell at 7:55, dismissal at 2:25.
  • All days: Supervision starts at 7:30 for grades 1-5, 7:37 in the front toy yard for Kindergarten
  • Breakfast service starts at 7:30 in the cafeteria.

What school supplies do I need to get for my student’s class?

We got this! All school student supplies are provided by your hard-working PTA dollars.

How do get more information about the Walking School Bus?

The Genesee Hill Walking School bus program is really successful! With at least eight routes running, Walking School Bus routes run before school only. Families who participate in a route must volunteer to walk students to school at least one morning per week, as well as turn in updated volunteer paperwork to our Volunteer Coordinator.

It is a great way to meet families in your area! If you are interested in finding a route in your area or learning more to see if this is a good fit for your family, please contact Sara McDougall.

How is safety handled at the school?

This is a major focus for the school, SPS, and SDOT. Specific questions can be directed to Liz Dunn at

How is traffic handled around the school? Where does drop-off and pick-up happen?

Below is a map of the school grounds. Drop off for grades 1 through 5 is at the corner of Genesee and 51st, on Genesee (parents line up on Genesee heading west). Please do not turn right on 51st unless you are parking to walk younger kids in.

Please do NOT use the lower parking lot for pick-up or drop off unless you are parking as well. The entrance is not suited to frequent traffic, and our promise to the neighborhood was that there would be no idling cars in the “bowl” (air quality concerns).

There is NO car drop-off or pick-up on Dakota, near Dakota (on 51st or 50th) or in the front parking lot (we make an exception to this last rule for handicap parking and grandparents).

*K drop-off is at the front of the school.

Who do I write checks to when giving to the PTA?

For Direct Give, Enrichment Programs, or other opportunities where you may pay by check, please remember to make your check payable to:

Genesee Hill PTA


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For questions and further information specific to Genesee Hill, contact Liz Dunn at  or email our PTA President at