School FAQ

What resources are available for remote learning?

Please see the Seattle Public Schools In-Person Learning Plan for the latest district information.

What is the school schedule?

7:55 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

  • Morning In-Person Block (Cohort A): 8:00 – 10:45 a.m. (First bell at 7:50, tardy bell at 7:55)
  • Afternoon In-Person Block (Cohort B): 11:45 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. (First bell at 11:35, tardy bell at 11:40)

8:00 a.m. – 1:15 p.m. Wednesday – All students are remote

  • In-person cohort: This will be a 2 hour, forty-five minute session, and will include a 20 minutes recess (outside time). Each session will start by meeting your teacher at their appointed line outside (on the back playground or the front parking lot, which will be closed to cars). Classes will enter the building one at a time, with proper spacing. During the session, lessons will focus on English Language Arts (60 minutes) and math (60 minutes). Recess will have to be restricted to play in a zone only with the students in their homeroom for the time being, and we have designated zones that will rotate on the playground. Recess time will be supervised by teachers as well as our CHAMPSS. We will dismiss students to their same classroom lines. In the time opposite their in-person session, students will receive a mix of live instruction, including a 45-minute class with specialists (PE, Music, Dance, Library), plus a mix of small group live lessons, office hours (family connection) with teachers, and asynchronous assignments to complete.
  • 100% remote Cohort C: This will work a lot like it works now, but will shift to reflect the new start and end times. 8:00-2:30, with lunch break now between 10:45 and 11:45. Students will join with other students at their grade level for Specialist classes daily, which will now be 45-minutes long.
  • Wednesdays will be remote for all students. At 8:00, there will be a classroom connection meeting with the teacher, plus there will be a 60-minute live English/Language Arts lesson. There will be a mix of small group instruction and asynchronous assignments for the rest of the day.

What should students bring each day?

The list of what in-person students should bring to-and-from school everyday is short (and is likely to grow). For now, we know that every student will need a full water bottle for their personal use and should bring extra masks, if possible. Also, students in grades 3, 4 and 5 will need to bring their charged laptops to and from school each day.  Individual teachers will likely have other material requirements, so check your email for their lists. 

What health and safety protocols will be in place?

We are going to start with very tight health protocols. Hopefully, we will be able to relax these over time as conditions change:

  • Parents need to attest every morning that there are no COVID-19 symptoms in the child’s home. This will be completed through an email or text for each child, and a station with an iPad will be available at the front entrance of the school as a secondary method for attestation. (If you can’t find the email, you can use this link.) Please make sure you have completed your health attestation by 7:15 (Group A) or 11:00 (Group B) every morning.  Please wake up your child before filling out the attestation so you can observe current symptoms.  Students without that day’s attestation will need to go to the waiting room until it is completed. If your child will be missing school for any reason, notify the attendance line (206) 252-9704 or email   
  • Every entrance and every classroom has been set up with a full supply of PPE that will be replenished on a daily basis. This includes cloth and disposable masks, sanitizer, wipes, and gloves for anyone who needs them. Students will be expected to use sanitizer as the enter and exit the classroom. 
  • Mask wearing will be required at all times.
  • No non-staff adult visitors will be allowed in the building or on the playground, except by appointment. (An adult can accompany 1st grade students who meet in the back playground.)
  • We have a new HVAC system, with three different air-handling systems – all filters are new and the system is being fully checked in every room throughout the building – rooms with insufficient flow (only one, not a classroom) are being provided a UV light portable air filter.
  • All students will stay with their classroom cohorts at all times. There will be no groupings of students outside the classroom, including recess, until conditions change. Student restrooms will be monitored so that no more than three students are in the restroom at any time, and stalls and faucets are blocked off to ensure spacing.
  • Students who are exhibiting any symptoms that could be related to COVID-19 will need to go home immediately. Parents, please make sure that your contact information and emergency contact information is up-to-date.
  • Spring Break travel and other quarantining scenarios: We ask families planning to travel during Spring Break (or any time for the remainder of the year) to please be aware of state and CDC guidelines. If your family needs to quarantine, we would like to be able to accommodate students who request in-person instruction with remote instruction while they are quarantining. We know we will be able to do this to some extent, at least meeting live with specialists every day and, of course, live with their classroom teacher on Wednesdays. Beyond that, we will not know the ability to incorporate quarantining students temporarily into the 100% remote group of students we know how big those groups are.

What arrangements can be made outside of the instructional day: transportation, child care, etc.?

  • We have been notified by Seattle Parks that Hiawatha will not be operating for after school care for the duration of this school year. They have encouraged us to direct parents needing child care to their website.
  • Seattle Public Schools is currently working to hire more bus drivers and get them trained on routes. This may not happen by April 5th, but transportation for those families qualifying for transportation based on their distance from school will likely receive bus service soon. 
  • Walking School Bus routes will be especially important. Shelly Pfeifle ( is kindly coordinating these routes currently. WSB works with parents who can help to lead the routes one day each week, creating routes to pick-up groups of students along the way. Please contact Shelly if you are interested in joining a route after the first week or so of in-person.
  • Food service at Madison Middle School will continue to be available for all families during the lunch hour.

My child receives Special Education services: how will Specially Designed Instruction and in-classroom support continue?

Special education supports will need to evolve as our instructional model takes shape. Generally, instructional assistants will rotate to a limited number of classrooms to support in-person learning, and, depending on our numbers, they will continue to support students who remain remote. Most, if not all, small-group Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) will continue to be delivered during the time that students are remote.

What is the instructional model? How will small groups, Walk-to-Math, and other intervention groups work?

We are still working this out because so much depends on the number choosing each model. What we know is that most “small group” learning will happen with our fabulous intervention team and Special Education staff. Many parents have asked about our Walk-to-math model (grades 3-5). We will be unable to move kids around to mix classroom cohorts, so this is a top priority to figure out. Most likely, students will receive a core math lesson from their classroom teacher and then meet as a small group with either Ms. Cochran or Ms. Bender for differentiated small group instruction at the opposite time of the day.

What does drop-off  for in-person instruction look like?

  • All adults dropping off need to wear masks at all times.
  • Please stay on the sidewalk or in the back delivery driveway. Only adults dropping off first graders will be allowed on the back playground.
  • The playground will be closed to playing before school. Gates will open 5 minutes before line-up time.
  • Front of the Building: Kindergarten, 5th Grade, and Lewis
    •Henderson and Ritzman will line up in the Kindergarten play area (1) – look for yellow ribbons on fence
    •Washington on sidewalk adjacent parking lot (2)
    •Funke on sidewalk on Dakota, east of the parking lot (3)
    •Lewis will line up around the east side of the building outside her classroom door (4) – look for purple ribbons on fence
    •5th grade will up on the front sidewalk and in the front parking lot (5)
  • Back of the Building: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grades
    •Pietsch and Munavu will lineup along the fence outside the 1st grade commons (6) – look for purple ribbons on fence
    •Firmand will lineup just outside her classroom door at the 1st grade commons (7)
    •All 2nd grade classes will line up along the fence on the east side of the playground – just up from the lower parking lot (8) – look for blue ribbons on fence
    •3rd grades will all have individual lines outside the lunchroom doors (9)
    •4th- Gibson and Ferris will line up along the fence on the west side of the playground (10) – look for orange ribbons on fence
    •4th- Vandermeulen and Philp will line up perpendicular to the red and blue funnel ball hoops (10)
  • Car Drop-Off Pull-Through Zones
    •Preferred drop-off point for those going to the front of building is on 51st Ave. SW at the bus shelter (11)
    •Preferred drop-off point for those going to the back of building is on Genesee St. (12)
  • Please make sure your child arrives in time to be in line by 7:55 (Group A) or 11:40 (Group B). Students who arrive after the lines have started entry in to the building will need to go to the front door for approval and escort to class.
  • The front parking lot will be closed to cars.

What does dismissal look like?

  • Please arrive by 10:40 / 2:25.
  • All adults picking up must wear masks at all times.
  • Please stay on the sidewalk or in the delivery driveway.
  • Students will be released from the door they entered before school.
  • No playing on the playground will be allowed after school.
  • Please make sure you have a meeting place arranged with your student for after school. If you are concerned about your child’s ability to navigate this, especially younger children, or there is a special arrangement (neighbor, older sibling, nanny, older student walking home alone) please make sure your child’s classroom teacher is aware of the plan. 
  • The front parking lot will be closed to cars.

How do I get more information about the Walking School Bus?

The Genesee Hill Walking School bus program is really successful! With at least eight routes running, Walking School Bus routes run before school only. Families who participate in a route must volunteer to walk students to school at least one morning per week, as well as turn in updated volunteer paperwork to our Volunteer Coordinator.

It is a great way to meet families in your area! If you are interested in finding a route in your area or learning more to see if this is a good fit for your family, please contact Shelly Pfeifle ( 

How is safety handled at the school?

This is a major focus for the school, SPS, and SDOT. Specific questions can be directed to Liz Dunn at

How is traffic handled around the school? Where does drop-off and pick-up happen?

Stay tuned for more information.

Who do I talk to with enrollment questions?

Please contact Assistant Principal Liz Dunn at  

Who do I write checks to when giving to the PTA?

For Direct Give, Enrichment Programs, or other opportunities where you may pay by check, please remember to make your check payable to:

Genesee Hill PTA

Not finding your school question on this page? Check out the Seattle Public Schools FAQ.

For questions and further information specific to Genesee Hill, contact Liz Dunn at  or email our PTA President at



What is the bell schedule?

  • Mondays: First bell at 7:50, tardy bell at 7:55, dismissal at 2:25.
  • Tuesdays: First bell at 7:50, tardy bell at 7:55, dismissal at 2:25.
  • Wednesdays: First bell at 7:50, tardy bell at 7:55, dismissal at 1:10 (**all Wednesdays EXCEPT the first day of school, 9/6 – dismissal at 2:25)
  • Thursdays: First bell at 7:50, tardy bell at 7:55, dismissal at 2:25.
  • Friday: First bell at 7:50, tardy bell at 7:55, dismissal at 2:25.
  • All days: Supervision starts at 7:30 for grades 1-5, 7:37 in the front toy yard for Kindergarten
  • Breakfast service starts at 7:30 in the cafeteria.

What school supplies do I need to get for my student’s class?

We got this! All school student supplies are provided by your hard-working PTA dollars.

How is traffic handled around the school? Where does drop-off and pick-up happen?

Below is a map of the school grounds. Drop off for grades 1 through 5 is at the corner of Genesee and 51st, on Genesee (parents line up on Genesee heading west). Please do not turn right on 51st unless you are parking to walk younger kids in.

Please do NOT use the lower parking lot for pick-up or drop off unless you are parking as well. The entrance is not suited to frequent traffic, and our promise to the neighborhood was that there would be no idling cars in the “bowl” (air quality concerns).

There is NO car drop-off or pick-up on Dakota, near Dakota (on 51st or 50th) or in the front parking lot (we make an exception to this last rule for handicap parking and grandparents).

*K drop-off is at the front of the school.