Enrichment Program FAQ

Hello Genesee Hill Families!  Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the Afterschool Enrichment Program:

What kinds of classes are offered?

We have lots to choose from: foreign language, art, sports & movement, and STEM classes, plus many more unusual offerings as well.  A detailed list of classes will be available right before registration opens each session on the Course Descriptions page of the PTA blog.

How long are classes?

Enrichment classes start at 2:30 PM and run 60  minutes. Several classes run longer. Specific class times will be noted on the course descriptions and the registration information.

Are there age requirements?

In the fall session, any 1st-5th grader may participate in the program.  We ask that kindergartners wait until winter.  In winter and spring, classes are open to all Genesee Hill students. Individual classes may be restricted to certain grade ranges, but many are open to all grades.

Can my child participate in enrichment classes if s/he attends Hiawatha Aftercare at the Schmitz Park site?

Yes!  Hiawatha staff will meet aftercare kids after their enrichment class ends at 3:30 PM and walk them to the Schmitz Park site.  Aftercare kids assigned to the Genesee Hill site will be escorted to the cafeteria by their instructor.

What does it cost?

There is a wide range in tuition for our classes.  We have three different categories of classes: those taught by Genesee Hill staff, those led by volunteers, and those led by individual providers/businesses who set their own tuition.  Class fees range from $60 – $250/session depending on the category. Please check the Course Descriptions page for individual tuition information.

Are scholarships available?

Yes! Partial and full scholarships are available (Note: Students on Free & Reduced Lunch automatically qualify for one full scholarship per session).  We also offer alternate payment plans.  Please contact the Enrichment Coordinator to apply.

How does my child get to class?

Classroom teachers are provided with a list of their students participating in enrichment.  They remind students of which class they have that day and the location.  Teachers with younger students may even drop off their students in the Gym/enrichment classroom as they walk them out of the building.  Enrichment staff will collect and walk kindergartners to the Gym where they will be met by their instructor and escorted to class.

Where do I pick my child up?

Your child must be picked up and signed out in the lobby at the front of the school.  Classes end promptly at 3:30 PM (unless otherwise noted) and there is a late pickup charge of $1/minute assessed after the first 10 minutes.

What if my child forgets?

Enrichment instructors take attendance at the beginning of each class.  The enrichment coordinators check those attendance sheets and follow up to locate missing students who were not absent from school that day.  It is incredibly important that you let us know if your child will not be coming to class so we do not search the school top to bottom and follow up with urgent phone calls to parents and emergency contacts.

How do I register & pay?

You may register online or via paper forms.

Online: The online link will be made available on the Enrichment Registration page of the PTA blog.   You may pay via credit/debit card if you use the online registration path.

Hard copies: Paper forms will be available in the main office at school.  Completed forms should be turned into the front office – please do not use the PTA dropbox outside the office.  Paper forms are collected at 2:30 pm each day during the registration window and processed them that evening.

Registration is first come, first served, so using the online registration link is highly encouraged.

What if I register for a class that has filled?

There are several classes that do fill up fairly quickly.  For online registrations, classes will automatically close when they reach capacity so that it will be very clear which classes still have space available and which are running a waitlist. One minor drawback to our online registration process is that classes may not be able to close fast enough once they reach capacity if there are too many registrations being submitted at once.  In some rare cases, you may register successfully for a class as it is closing.  In that event, I will place your student on a waitlist by order of the date/time stamp your registration was submitted and notify you as soon as possible so we can explore other class options.

How can I be placed on a waitlist?

If the class that you wish to register for is full, you can request to be placed on the waitlist.  The Waitlist link is updated for each enrichment session and is available both at the time you register and on the Enrichment Registration page of the PTA blog. Waitlists allow us to place students in classes that might have additional space open up, either through someone else dropping the class or additional spaces being added by the instructor.