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SPRING 2017 ENRICHMENT (April 3 – June 17, 2017)

Register here from starting March 7, 2017 at 7:00 PM

Download a printable PDF of the Spring 2017 Enrichment Class Schedule here .

Spring 2017 Enrichment Classes

(No classes 4/10 - 4/14, 5/10 & 5/29)
Basketball “Hoop” Dreams (K– 5)*GymMONDAY$65
NEW! Creative Arts (1-5)Room 2202MONDAY$180
Game Development – Beg/Int (3 – 5 ) Computer LabMONDAY$225
Hip Hop (2 - 5)Dance StageMONDAY$150
Mandarin (K – 5)Room 2112MONDAY$180
Watercolors (K – 5)Room 1110MONDAY$160
Yoga & Mindfulness (3 – 5)*Room 1218MONDAY$140
Art Wizards (K – 5)Room 1112TUESDAY$180
Chess Club (K – 2)*LibraryTUESDAY$105
French (K– 5)*Room 2104TUESDAY$165
NEW! Learn to Code Robot (2 – 4) – class ends 5/305th Grade CommonsTUESDAY$225
School of Rock (K – 2)Room 1114TUESDAY$150
Science Successors (2 – 5)Room 2202TUESDAY$165
Storybook Theater (K – 2)*K CommonsTUESDAY$165
Unicycle Club (3 – 5)GymTUESDAY$95
Chess Club (3-5)*Room 2203WEDNESDAY$95
Flag Football (3-5)*FieldWEDNESDAY$65
Game Development – Beginner (2 – 5)Computer LabWEDNESDAY$225
Jump Rope (K – 5)GymWEDNESDAY$160
Lego Club (2 – 5)5 th Grade CommonsWEDNESDAY$60
Stone Soup Theatre - Magic in the Treehouse
(K – 2)*
Trendy Crafts - Room to Bloom (K – 5)*Room 2202WEDNESDAY$145
NEW! Sing Out Seattle (2-5) - Sound of Music ** - class ends 6/7Dance StageWEDNESDAY$190
Wilderness Awareness (1 – 5)**Schmitz Park – meet in GymWEDNESDAY$150
Acting 101 (2 – 4)Dance StageTHURSDAY$95
Drumming 101 (2 – 5)Music RoomTHURSDAY$160
Guitar (K – 5)Room 1114THURSDAY$160
NEW! Gymnastics (1-4)*GymTHURSDAY$65
NEW! Inventions with Circuits (3-5) -
class ends 6/1
Room 2202THURSDAY$225
Tae Kwon Do (K-5)GymTHURSDAY$180
Open Gym (K – 5)GymFRIDAY$95
NEW! Sports Spectacular (K-2)*FieldFRIDAY$125
NEW! - Tennis (3-5)* GymFRIDAYTBD
*ends at 3:15 PM, **ends at 4:15 PM


Download a printable PDF here

Acting 101 Grades 2 – 4 Thursdays to 3:45 PM
Mr. Turner returns to share his theatrical skills with aspiring Genesee Hill actors! In this class, we’ll learn basic theater games and exercises and learn about how a play is put on, who helps put it on, and what it’s like to act on stage. We will explore lots of different types of characters, and how we change our voices and bodies to create those characters. The class will culminate with a short performance, with student-made props, sets, and costumes. Class includes 20 minute recess break. Class limit: 15
Sam Turner*, GH Teacher Dance Stage $95/session (10 classes)
Art Wizards Grades K – 5 Tuesdays to 3:45 PM
Art Wizards is a unique fine arts program based on the belief that every child can learn to draw. We are to drawing what phonics is to reading! Projects for this series of classes will include Minecraft, Star Wars, Pokemon and Shopkins, fish, birds and animals of all sizes, sports and movies, favorite cartoon characters and mythical creatures, too. Students will learn drawing techniques using chalk and oil pastels, colored pencils and markers. You can see some examples of our students’ work in the galleries at www.artwizards.org. Class limit: 17
Art Wizards staff Room 1112 $180/session (10 classes)
Basketball “Hoop” Dreams Grades K – 5 Mondays to 3:15 PM
Coach Santana teaches basketball skills, run drills, and scrimmage with students. Class includes a 20 minute recess break. Class limit: 25
*Aranza Santana Gym $65/ session (9 classes)
Chess Club Grades K – 2
Grades 3 – 5
Tuesdays to 3:15 PM
Wednesdays to 3:15
Students who enjoy and play chess regularly see increases in their overall academic performance, especially in reading, math, and science.  During the class students will learn chess strategies, tactics and openings, and have fun playing chess. The Chess Mates Foundation has been organizing clubs in Seattle for over 20 years. Class limit: 14
Michael Grife, Chess Mates Library
Room 2203
Tuesdays: $105/session (10 classes)
Wednesdays: $95/session (9 classes)
NEW! Creative Arts  Grades 1 – 5  Mondays to 3:45 PM
Creative Arts is back by popular demand! In these art sessions we will be exploring art in a variety of ways from individual pieces to collaborative murals. While learning about specific art materials and techniques along with famous artist and masterpieces there will be a lot of room for creative exploration. We will be working with a variety of materials … scissors, paper, pens, marker, paints of varying kind, canvas, clay, wood, rocks, shells, toys, recycled goods of all kinds, nature of all kinds, oil and chalk pastels, pencils, beads, yarn, and more. All supplies included. This class includes recess and snack time. Class is taught is taught by GH parent and local artist Theresa Anderson. Check out the “Starry Night” mural in the 1st floor hallway for a beautiful example of her prior class’s art! Class limit: 18
Theresa Anderson Room 2202 $180/session (9 classes)
Drumming 101  Grades 2 – 5 Thursdays to 3:45 PM
Have fun learning rhythm and playing the drums with Genesee Hill parent and musician Jon Slatkin! Designed by a music industry professional, this class utilizes innovative tools and techniques, including iPad-linked drum sets, to teach kids to rock! Students will learn fundamentals of rhythm and time keeping, technique, rudiments, beats and much, much more!  All necessary equipment is provided. Class limit: 20
Jon Slatkin Music Room $160/session (10 classes)
NEW! Flag Football 3rd – 5th Wednesdays to 3:15 PM
Coach Santana will teach the basic rules and definitions of flag football, as well as help students develop sportsmanship, confidence, integrity, and perseverance.  Flag football allows football enthusiasts to play with a lowered risk of injury.  Each player is given a flag that is worn at the waist.  Instead of tackling, the flag is removed to signify the play’s end.  This class is played outside, rain or shine.  Plan on your student coming home wet and muddy! Class limit 20.
Coach Santana* Field $65/ session
French – “April in Paris” Grades K – 5 Tuesdays to 3:15
Sponge School returns for a second session of French welcoming both new and returning students! At Sponge, we see language as a passport to global citizenship. Students learn to see the world through a different lens while acquiring language skills and the confidence to use them. Young learners are especially primed for language learning – research shows that students are 70% more likely to gain fluency when they begin in elementary school or younger. Classes are immersion based, and taught by experienced teachers using games, art, drama and movement to help children build language skills. Classes are designed to be adaptable to different ages and levels of language learners; as such both returning and new students alike can join the fun each session with confidence. Come join us this April as we take a trip to beautiful Paris and explore what the city has to offer! Students will receive an activity book and access to our online e-learning portal to help students practice their language skills. Class limit: 12
Erica Titus, Sponge School Room 2104 $165/session (10 classes)
Game Development (Beginner)
Game Development (Beg/Intermediate)
Grades 2 – 5
Grades 3 – 5
Wednesdays to 3:45 PM
Mondays to 3:45 PM
Do you play video games and wonder how they are created?  Would you like to build your own computer programs?  In this fun class, you will be introduced to the core concepts of computer programming, including loops, conditionals and variables.  Using the Scratch development environment, you will learn how to create your own programs, such as simple games, animations, and interactive stories. Do you love coding and want to learn more?  Push your programming skills to the next level in our multi-level Beginning/Intermediate class!  Intermediate students will build on their previous knowledge and be introduced to more advanced concepts, such as nested conditionals and functions with parameters. With new projects each session, you will be able to express your creativity and advance as a coder! See examples here . Class limit: 16
Giuseppe Donadio, Coding with Kids Computer Lab Mondays: $225/session (9 classes)
Wednesdays: $225/session (9 classes)
Guitar Grades K – 5 Thursdays to 3:45 PM
Students will learn basic elements and fundamentals of music and then apply the concepts to the guitar! After taking this course, students can expect to come away with the ability to count rhythms, sight read notes (on guitar and keyboard!), play basic songs on the guitar, and even write their own music. Bring your own guitar or rent from instructor, $5/week. Class limit: 12
Jasper Tollefson Room 1114 $160/session (10 classes)
NEW! Gymnastics Grades 1 – 4 Thursdays to 3:15
Join Ms. Ritzman in the gym for this fun new class designed to help children develop coordination, strength, flexibility and endurance! Students will practice gymnastics skills in an upbeat and positive environment. Students will be introduced to tumbling skills such as forward rolls, handstands, cartwheels and balancing. Students will also work to develop flexibility, core strength, and life skills such as teamwork and determination. Ms. Ritzman’s love for gymnastics started when she was 5 years old. She is both a P.E. specialist and parent at GH and has taught gymnastics at the YMCA in Walla Walla and the American School in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Class limit: 16Enrollment will be open to 5th grade if space is available.
*Tara Ritzman, GH P.E. Specialist Gym $65/ session (10 classes)
Hip Hop Grades 2 – 5  Mondays to 3:45 PM
Mr. Adel and Mr. Derrick return for a second session of Hip Hop welcoming both new and returning dancers! Learn the creative and energetic steps of Hip Hop for fun and fitness. Hip Hop classes are designed for students to learn all facets, foundations, and basic fundamentals of hip hop. Students will leave class refreshed, with confidence and ready to strut their stuff. Students will have the opportunity to showcase their Hip Hop skills and perform in our May 20th recital! Class limit: 25
Adel Nafa & Derrick Simons
Boom Dance Studios
Dance Stage $150/session (9 classes)
NEW! Inventions with Circuits Grades 3 – 5
Thursdays to 3:45 PM
Do you love tinkering or creating things, in the real or virtual world? In this fun new club, students practice hands-on tinkering with circuits to build simple inventions that could help them in the real world. How cool is that? Students will explore Little Bits circuit building kits to create a flashlight, art bots, sensing the atmosphere and more. Kids exercise their minds in critical thinking and problem solving. This club introduces students to the thrilling world of engineering! Instructor Carrie Doring is a Genesee Hill parent and has over 15 years of experience in the tech industry. Class ends 6/1. Class limit: 12

***NOTE: A parent volunteer is needed to help out in class in exchange for priority enrollment and a 50% tuition discount for your child. Please contact the Enrichment Coordinator if interested.***

Carrie Doring, TechVentureKids Room 2202 $225/session (8 classes)
NEW – Italian for Beginners Grades 2 – 5 Thursdays to 3:15 PM
This fun, interactive class will introduce students to the Italian language and culture, incorporating traditional music, games, food, lifestyle and even dance! Students will begin their journey of exploration in a fun, engaging and educational environment. This class will be taught by Santina Rigano, who was raised in a traditional Italian household (in Australia). Italian was her first language until she started primary school, and she has studied Italian in both secondary school and university. You may have seen Santina on campus as she also serves as the Director of GH’s Aftercare Program. Class limit: 16
Santina Rigano Room 2111 $100/session (10 classes)
Jump Roping for Fun & Fitness Grades K – 5 Wednesdays to 3:45 PM
Join Genesee Hill parent Rene Bibaud as she shares Ropeworks’s “smart sequencing” approach to jumping rope. Classes help anyone, of any skill level, learn the steps to basic, intermediate and advanced level jump rope skills. Kids work together in a fun and rewarding environment of goal setting, best effort and team building.  Kids will play games, learn skills, develop new skills and stay fit in a fun-filled, high energy program. End of the session performance culminates the program. Class includes 20 minute recess break. Bring your own jump rope or purchase one from the instructor for $5. Class limit: 30
Rene Bibaud, RopeWorks Gym $160/session (9 classes)
NEW! Learn to Code Robot
Grades 2 – 4
Tuesdays to 3:45 PM
In this fun, hands-on coding club, we combine a real robot with coding to ignite children’s imagination, building confidence in how they look at the world and approach problems. We have chosen the Dash and Dot Robots from Make Wonder. In our Robotics Code Club, students learn to program Dash and Dot to do anything they imagine, from delivering a message, creating a dance party, navigating an obstacle course, and more. Students work together to develop their skills in reasoning, math, creativity and problem-solving in a fun, collaborative and supportive environment. This program is designed for students at multiple skill levels. This class will be taught by GH parent Carrie Doring and assistant instructor Karen Russell, the team currently teaching the Engineer with Minecraft class. Class ends 5/30. Class limit: 16
Carrie Doring, TechVentureKids
Karen Russell, TechVentureKids
5th Grade Commons
$225/session (8 classes)
Lego Club Grades 2 – 5 Wednesdays to 3:45 PM
Calling all Lego enthusiasts!  This is a place where kids who are passionate about Legos and building can come together each week to make new friends, create and construct, and be limited only by their imaginations! This class will include 30 minutes of free build time. The class is taught by Genesee Hill parent and Lego expert, Frank Smith.  Class limit: 16 (Siblings may enroll on a space available basis, with instructor’s permission)
Frank Smith* 5th Grade Commons $60/session (9 classes)
Mandarin Grades K – 5 Mondays to 3:45 PM
Mandarin Experts offers fun and tailored Chinese lessons for both new and returning students! Songs, games, and many other activities are used to make the course especially effective for young learners. Students progress quickly and are soon able to remember words, recognize basic characters and engage the teacher in simple dialogue; they also gain an appreciation for the Chinese culture and language!  Classes are designed to be adaptable to different ages and experience levels of language learners. Class limit: 15
Wendy Tan, Mandarin Experts Room 2112 $180/session (9 classes)
Open Gym     Grades K – 5 Fridays to 3:45
Back by popular demand, Coach Santana offers an extended session of Open Gym this Spring. Come have fun and exercise in our brand new gym!  This class is guaranteed to help get those end of the week wiggles out!  Class limit: 30 
*Aranza Santana Gym $95/ session (10 classes)
Rhythm & Percussion with Sound Math™ Grades K – 3  Fridays to 3:15 PM
Hand-percussion is incredibly powerful, fun, and a great way to connect and grow with friends. You will be amazed at how your rhythm on percussion, will transfer over to piano, violin, and any other instrument. Our curriculum is simple, comprehensive, and delivers amazing results in a short time. The atmosphere is one of strategic games, enhancing creativity, having fun, connectivity, growing listening ability, developing attention, and strengthening learning ability. We’ll have an incredible performance on the last day. Workbook and materials included. Our staff are outstanding music educators with music degrees and extensive teaching backgrounds. For more information including the benefits of our program please visit our website: http://soundformationmusic.com/after-school-class/  Class limit: 12
Camilo Corrales, Sound Math™ Dance Stage $200/session (10 classes)
Trendy Crafts – Room to Bloom Grades K – 5 Wednesdays to 3:15 PM
Join Trendy Crafts this Spring for a new line up of fresh crafts for the season. Projects this session include LEGO accessories, nature inspired decor, a special Mother’s Day gift, emoji magnets, and so much more! At Trendy Crafts we take social crafting to the next level, always using the latest supplies and techniques. Class limit: 20
Barbara Sims, Trendy Crafts Room 2202 $145/session (9 classes)
School of Rock Grades K – 2 Tuesdays to 3:45 PM
This class uses elements of both the Little Wing and Rookies programs to teach valuable music and social skills to students. The activities are designed to move quickly and transition in order for students to keep interest and get the most learning out of the short time together. Students practice singing and listening skills as well as engage in special activities using electric and bass guitar, keyboards, Hi Hat and snare drum, and delay pedals to develop science and math skills. Class activities include; making and recognizing rhythm patterns; singing and tonal processing; exercising both short and long term musical memory, including kinetic memory; understanding sound and silence, musical dynamics and song structure; and auditory focus and the development of great listening skills! Class limit: 12
Joey Boyd, School of Rock Room 1114 $150/session (10 classes)
Science Successors Grades 2 – 5 Tuesdays to 3:45 PM
Join other young scientists for another session of the wildly popular Science Successors, a hands-on experimental science club! Each gathering involves getting familiar with some scientific ideas, generating a question to be tested and testing it. There will be some classic demonstrations, but they will be limited to give the Scientists the chance to develop their own experiments in the course of the classes. The topics of each meeting will be based in part on the specific interests of the club members. This enrichment class is ideal for confident creative Scientist as well as those who need encouragement to explore their world. Class is taught by former Schmitz Park parent and scientist Dr. Heather Hsu. Class limit: 14
Dr. Heather Hsu, Young Innovators, LLC Room 2202 $165/session (10 classes)
NEW! Sing Out Seattle presents “The Sound of Music”  Grades 2 – 5  Wednesdays to 4:15 PM
Back by popular demand, Sing Out Seattle artistic staff brings “The Sound of Music” to the Genesee Hill stage! Students will work on musical and dramatic training during rehearsal, followed by a fully staged evening performance at the end of the program (June 7 at 7 PM). Class ends 6/7. Class minimum is 24 students, maximum is 30. Enrollment will be open to 1st grade if space is available.
Sing Out Seattle staff Dance Stage $190/session (8 classes)
NEW! Sports Spectacular K – 2 and 3-5 Fridays to 3:15 PM
Sports Spectacular is a variety athletic program that offers both traditional sports and playground favorites, featuring the best “to-do” list ever – Basketball, Soccer, Flag Football, Kickball, Capture the Flag, Wiffle Ball, Bump and Bite, Knights and Dragons, Numbers Game, Tag Games, Safe Base and MORE! OTA covers all the bases with our emphasis on playing, teamwork, sportsmanship, and fitness. Don’t miss out on the FUN! This class will be split into two sections – one for K-2 and one for 2-5. Class limit 30.
Overtime Athletics staff
Field $125/session (10 classes)
Stone Soup Theatre – Magic In the Treehouse Grades K – 2 Wednesdays to 3:15 PM
Stone Soup Theatre returns this session with a new production based on the popular Magic Treehouse book series! Students will play theater games that will help them learn the basics of theater and acting while increasing their listening skills, confidence, concentration skills and ability to work together. In our time together we will put on a play Magic in the Treehouse. Jack and Annie have found a magical treehouse full of books that will transport them to anywhere they wish to go, but the creator and librarian of the treehouse, Morgan Le Fay, has been put under a terrible spell! Meet knights, ninjas, and pirates in this exciting, action-packed adventure that will take you all over the world and back again. The class will culminate with a performance for friends and family, complete with costumes! Class limit: 15
Kendall Uyeji, Stone Soup Theatre Location TBD $140/session (9 classes)
Storybook Theater Grades K – 2  Tuesdays to 3:15 PM
Storybook Theater returns with all new stories this session! Each week we will dive into a book and explore its sensory elements through movement, art, music and play.  At the end of each week, students will often play a character in a frozen picture taken from the day’s adventure.  Some of the books will include: The Cat in the Hat, I Stink, Beep Beep Robot and Olivia! Class limit: 12
Therese Henning & Bly Carling
Pinwheels Play Space
K Commons $165/session (10 classes)
Tae Kwon Do Grades K – 5 Thursdays to 3:45
Back by popular demand, Master Lisa of Lee’s Martial Arts brings Tae Kwon Do back to Genesee Hill! This fun class combines self/defense/martial arts with sport training and fitness. It also focuses on mastering patience, respect, discipline, focus, and integrity. Students will develop skills, fitness, and confidence while experiencing the teachings of a martial arts program. Tae Kwon Do is great for beginners ad experienced students alike, anyone wanting to learn and improve skills.  This class includes 20 minutes of recess. Class limit: 20

Note: For students who are ready, an optional belt test will be given at the end of the class (test date TBA; additional test fee of $60) Students who pass the belt test will receive a FREE Tae Kwon Do uniform!

Lisa Skvarla, Lee’s Martial Arts Gym $180/session (10 classes)
Unicycle Club Grades 3 – 5 Tuesdays to 3:45 PM
Join Ms. Sealey for Unicycle Club! This class is for both beginners and those who already know how to ride. Riders will practice their skills and learn new ones. We will even get on the giraffes! Class includes a 20 minute recess break.

Class limit: 25

CJ Sealey*, GH P.E. Specialist Gym $95/session (10 classes)
Watercolors Grades K – 5 Mondays to 3:45 PM
Join High 5 Arts and explore the world through watercolors.  Students will learn the basics of “how to” watercolor with engaging projects.  Story telling and free drawing will be encouraged with each project, so bring your imagination! All materials included. Class includes a 20 minute recess break. Class limit: 25.
Oleana Perry, High 5 Arts Room 1110 $160/session (9 classes)
Wilderness Awareness Grades 1 – 5 Wednesdays to 4:15 PM
Come explore the great outdoors this Spring! A Wilderness Awareness teacher will lead students into Schmitz Park and will work closely with them to increase their awareness and knowledge of the natural world, including knowledge of Pacific Northwest plants, mammals, birds, wildlife tracks and sign, and local rain forest and coastal ecology.  More information about the program and the necessary medical release forms can be found at wildernessawareness.org.  NOTE: Students will be escorted from GH to Schmitz Park field for this class. Pick-up will be at Schmitz Park. Class limit: 16
Jesse Phillips, Lead Instructor
Wilderness Awareness School
Schmitz Park
(pick-up on playground)           
$150/session (9 classes)
Yoga & Mindfulness 3rd – 5th Mondays to 3:15
Certified Yoga teacher and Genesee Hill parent Robin Lutton returns this Spring with her popular yoga and mindfulness class (inspired by Little Flower Yoga for Kids).  Classes are based on the five elements: Connect (with self, others, and environment), Breathe, Move, Focus, and Relax.  Students will explore their thoughts, breath, and bodies in a fun, safe, and engaging environment that in time will provide them with the tools for lifelong wellness.  Class limit: 15
Robin Lutton Room 1218
$140/session (9 classes)

TENTATIVE – Tennis – Fridays (grades and class times TBD).  We are currently in discussions with an instructor to offer a Beginning Tennis class this session on Fridays. Stay tuned for details!



  1. Is there information on Fall 2016 Enrichment Programs? Would love to get my son enrolled in something on the 12th when registration opens.


  2. No chess club for 2nd graders? Or just a typo?
    If it’s a typo, please let me know the schedule for 2nd graders.

    Thank you

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