Child Care Corner

We understand many of you are in need of before and after school child care options. Below is a list of known facilities and their contact information as well as other options you may want to look into with other parents.

*Please post below if there are more

Nanny Share: Many parents are interested in sharing nannies to cover before and after school care. Post below if you’re interested in sharing nannies with other families.

Carpooling: Parents new to Schmitz Park are looking for other families interested in setting up carpools. List your needs and information below.

Kid Swap: Some parents would like to volunteer at school but still have pre-schoolers at home. If anyone is interested in setting up a kid swap with other parents list your needs and information below.

This is will not be managed by the school or PTA. We’ve set this page up as a place parents can post needs, ideas and work with each other.

14 thoughts on “Child Care Corner

  1. My child is going to be attending Kindergarten at Schmitz and I am looking for before and after school care for him. My work hours are 7-3:30 so I would need someone at 6:30 a.m., bring him to school and then pick him up until I’m off at 3:30. It’s a very small window of time. Does anyone have any resources I could go to? Thank you so much.

  2. Briana, Thank you for your entry. We are trying to get families together with similar issues. We planned one for the movie night and again for the coffee with the principal in the first day of school. I am taking on the role as the PTA liaison on the child care connection events. I am not available to attend the rescheduled movie night so the next time will be first day of school around 9:30-10:30. The goal is to get folks who are looking to create nanny shares to get connected face to face. Continue to look for information on future events to connect parents from the principal in the next week. I also encourage you to get to know your child’s classmates. I’m confident you will find something that works in the first few weeks of school as you get to meet other Schmitz park families.

  3. We are also looking for assistance, Kelley how are other families notified of the 9:30 – 10:30 event on 9/9? I can’t stay for that unfortunately. Thank you

  4. At this point, all communication will come from the principal. He listed it in his first week of school letter last week. He also listed a “study group” idea in his email last night. Stay tuned!

  5. Does anyone know how we get added to those emails? We are registered but don’t receive the emails that you are talking about. Thanks for any help.

  6. We are new to SP- not to SPS- we have not received any emails from the school no communication at all- we have only heard of the events from a family member. How do we get on the email circuit? We only found out about the new student orientation early this week- by accident.

  7. Hi there-

    I am Fiona Fraser’s mom. Was looking for someone that can help me on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I have to leave for work at 7:00am and would be willing to compensate for taking her to school on those days. Would really appreciate the help.

  8. Hi,
    I am also looking for options for my son who is starting Kindergarten for after school care (we are on the waitlist for Hiawatha). We are actually registered for Alki Kids Place but still trying to find transportation from Schmitz to the kids place. Are any other parents taking their kids to Alki Kids Place after school? Wondering if any parents want to do some sort of carpool trade-off. Or any other ideas

  9. Hi all, please be sure to come to the coffee with the principal at 9 a.m. tomorrow in the cafeteria. I will be there to help connect families who have childcare needs. I look forward to helping get you all connected.
    Im also willing to host an evening gathering around 6p either 9\17 or week of 9\21. Please respond with your preference.


  10. Alison, please check with Pam Jones in the office. She needs to know that you’re having issues. Also, all families receive a packet tomorrow when they go to their child’s classroom for the first day of school. That packet has contact information that you need to go through and make sure is correct for your family. Hopefully that solves your problems with receiving emails from the school.


  11. Hello Schmitz Park families

    We are new to West Seattle and are uber excited to be at Schmitz Park! However after school care is a hard deal….our student is in 1st grade (P3) and we are hoping to find solutions so we do not have to change schools.

    Thank you for any help

  12. Gabrielle, several great connections for child care were made last week at the coffee with the principal. There was also a sheet where several families posted their availability to take extra kids after school. Copies of that sheet are in jenn toths front office area. Please ask her for a copy. What days and times are you looking for? Please post that info here as well as that is what this page is for. Thanks!

  13. Hi, is anyone interested in carpooling for after school care? My wife and I are happy to take on any 3 days of the week to drop off your child. In return, if you could help us drop our daughter off at Alki Kid’s Place that would be wonderful. Thanks!

  14. Hello all!!! I am still in need of before and after school care for my kindergartner. Does anyone want to do a nanny share situation with me??? Help!!!

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