Math in Focus Wins! School Board action on Math Curriculum

This post will be updated as possible. For the SPS live feed, click here. Update 8:19 PM. Per Lorie Bennett: “Math in Focus has been adopted as the sole math curriculum by the SPS Board with 4 votes for and 3 votes against.” Amazing, amazing accomplishment! Thank you to everyone who sent a message to the school …

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Future of Math in Seattle Schools: Will Singapore Prevail?

This is a Call to Action to Share Your Singapore Math Story This is a critical time to voice your personal support for Singapore – Math in Focus to the Seattle School Board. Schmitz Park Elementary staff, teachers, parents, and the PTA board all agree that a Singapore Math program is the best possible curriculum for our kids—and over the …

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Math Adoption – Call to Action!

The PTA was unanimous that Schmitz Park continues our Singapore Math program and not change math curriculum this September. Whether that will be an option is unknown. Members of the School Board, families and our own staff are in favor of allowing schools like Schmitz Park to keep their Singapore Math-based curriculum. But is that …

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Schmitz Park PTA math adoption letter sparks advocate discussion

A letter from Schmitz Park PTA President Jeff Rayner and Capacity Chair Emily Giaquinta to the school board got picked up and reposted to the Seattle Schools Community Forum. To-date it has prompted 55 comments, including some very detailed and thoughtful analysis. This is good reading for members looking to learn more about what others …

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Important decisions made at May 15th PTA meeting

Thanks to the many members who attended Thursday night’s important member meeting or provided helpful input in advance on the historic decisions to be made! The full set of minutes will be ready soon, but as these decisions will affect us all and there is important work to be done, we thought a topline summary would be in order. …

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Call to Action: Save our Math Legacy!

[update At the School Board meeting on May 21, the Board will be listening to Public Testimony so if you feel you want to address the Board, please do. To sign up for public testimony, members of the public should e-mail or call (206) 252-0040 and give their legal name, telephone number, e-mail address, and …

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This is our last planned meeting of the school year and we need your vote! Please join us at 6:30pm and lend your voice to some HOT topics including: Help vote in the proposed budget for the 2014/2015 school year. District math adoption: What is the difference between enVision (recommended by the committee for District-wide adoption) and …



PTA Budget for discussion at May 15 meeting

It’s the last planned member meeting of the year and we’ve got some big decisions to make. Key issues: Schmitz Park’s legacy of excellence in math, and what we can do to preserve it. The PTA budget for next year. We hope you can join us to learn about these critical options, partake in the discussion and …

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Excellence in Math – future in question

Seattle Public Schools will adopt a new math curriculum for the 2014-2015 school year. The Math Adoption Committee reviewed the final 3 programs and will recommend envision as the program to implement. Rick Burke, a Math Adoption Committee Member states in his post at Save Seattle Schools, “Although the public feedback clearly favored Math in …

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