First Grade Cohort – Before School Recess Volunteers Needed

1st Grade Cohort, it is your turn for before-school recess and Volunteer of the Day! This group is responsible from Jan 3–March 3rd. Take a look at the Sign-up Genius and help when you can. Our priority is covering the before-school recess slots! Before School Recess  Volunteer of the Day  


Future of Math in Seattle Schools: Will Singapore Prevail?

This is a Call to Action to Share Your Singapore Math Story This is a critical time to voice your personal support for Singapore – Math in Focus to the Seattle School Board. Schmitz Park Elementary staff, teachers, parents, and the PTA board all agree that a Singapore Math program is the best possible curriculum for our kids—and over the …

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Mariners Update – fantastic success!

We had our biggest turn-out ever to the event this year, and even got to see the Mariners extend their winning streak! If you were there or not there’s a few things you should know 1) They missed our call out in the Welcome section, yet made up for it with an extra special message as you …

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Certified First Aid course

Certified First Aid course this Saturday, April 26 at the school 9am to 1pm. We have a few open spots, so if you’d like to learn how deal with choking, broken bones, CPR, fires, earthquakes and more… please join us by emailing me []. You get the reduced price of $60 per person, and you receive …

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Bike to School Day – May 7th

Join the Fun!  Ride with your children to school for National Bike to School Day, on Wednesday, May 7th.  We will take a group photo of the participants in front of the school at 8:30am followed by refreshments and light snacks in the cafeteria.  For more details, see the BTSD_EventDetails_SchmitzPark flyer.  And if you want to lead …

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Buy Child’s Photo, Support Schmitz Park

Gene Hsu, a photographer and fellow parent, volunteered his time to take B&W photographs of Schmitz Park kids. He is donating all profits to the Schmitz Park PTA. Details will be emailed to you after you opt. Please email if you have questions. Include your child’s first, last name, and grade. Your opt-in provides permission for your …

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Mariners Poster Contest Update – Buy a Ticket Today

Thank you for the great response to the poster competition.  We had a particularly strong showing from the 1st grade. It is clear we have some budding Monet’s in our midst!  While we debate over the final winners (to be announced this weekend), a special congratulations goes out to Jayden Holloway (3rd) for not only …

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Royal Court Nominations as of 4/2 12 pm

Looks like Kindergarten is saying, “Heck No We Won’t Go.” The votes keep coming in and they’ve raised their score to 31% of the funds raised. 2nd is still trying to catch them but has dropped down to 21%. This is the last day of voting. We will send out up dates all day long!! …

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Royal Court Nominations as of 3/30/14

Now 1st grade is rallying, they’ve knocked 3rd grade down to 4th place. Come on 3rd grade you can rally. Kindergarten is holding steady at 29% of the funds raised, followed closely behind 2nd grade. Game on people, we can do it!! Help your child’s cohort (grade level) secure the coveted honor of the Auction …

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