We need EVERYONE to get involved! – posted as of January 5th, 2020

With less than 2 months to the auction, we need everyone to get involved!

  • Volunteer for Setup or Party Help: Details to come in early February. For now, what we really need help with is finding donated auction items.  See below!
  • Donate a Dessert:  We need nice homemade desserts or store bought fancy desserts to help raise funds at the Dessert Dash portion of our auction evening. You don’t have to attend the auction to donate. Sign up here.
  • Donate an Item:  See the “Auction Items Needed” post below for more details, but we still need classic auction items!  Ask your neighbors, relatives, work associates and those businesses you frequent in West Seattle and beyond. LINK to Item Donation Form   
  • Donate Your TIME:  NEW THIS YEAR!  We’ve heard feedback that people want to contribute their time and others want to buy services! LINK to Item Donation Form    Here are ideas:
    • Babysitting: Know a teen who babysits? Get them to donate a night of sitting. It may count as service hours.
    • Yard Services: Donate 3-4 hours of yard cleanup with 4 people. Might be a fun family activity.
    • Teach Cooking: Teach another family to cook a traditional meal from your family
    • Knitting: Offer to knit a custom blanket in the bidders color of choice
    • Dinner Party:  Host a dinner party at your home for 3-4 couples or 1-2 families. OR donate your home to host for someone who wants to cook but doesn’t have room to host.
    • Car Washing: Offer to wash and vacuum 2 cars
    • Dinner Delivery: offer to deliver 3 pre-made dinners…or desserts…or something else.
    • Other Professional Services: Are you (or a willing friend of yours) able to donate other professional services – tax services, decorating, landscape design, organization, family photography
    • What is YOUR idea?  What could you do that someone might buy to raise money for the school?
Questions?  Need details?  We are here to help.


The Auction Team NEEDS YOU – Help Collect Auction Items

 The Auction Team has a challenge for all of us:  FIND ITEMS!  All funds raised at the auction from from items donated by the community and we need your help to procure those items.  Have an item or service to donate?  Use our form here to donate now.  Have a contact who might donate – you can give them the link to the form, or email us and we’ll help you make “the ask.”  

LINK to Item Donation Form



SAVE THE DATE! – February 29th, 2020

Join us for a Winter Wonderland on Saturday, February 29 at The Brockey Center @ South Seattle Community College. Tickets go on sale on Friday, January 10. 
This event relies on the generosity and support of ALL parents, teachers, family and community members interested in ensuring our children have a wonderful place to learn and grow.  
How can you help now?  Procurement!
  • Donate an item or service.
  • Connect us to a friend or business who might donate.
  • Join our procurement team to make calls or emails to donors.
Items for which we are searching:
  • Services from you, someone you know, or a business you frequent: massage, hair cutting, fitness, family meal prep/delivery, interior decorating, financial planning, organizing, etc.
  • Vacation home usage for a weekend or week
  • Old gift cards you are not using
  • Tickets to the theater, sporting events, museums, etc.
  • Unique experiences: tours at interesting businesses/venues, backstage passes to events, or museums, etc.
  • Hosted dinners in interesting venues (example: Italian Feast and Wine Tasting on a View Deck for 8 Adults)
  • Autographed/collectible sports memorabilia 
Please email us and let us know if you can help make calls/emails or submit an item using our online form here
Christine Kraynek (parent of 3rd & 5th graders)
and Julie Forcum (parent of a 3rd grader)
Auction Co-Chairs


Never been to an auction before?  Read on!

We realize that there are lots of families new to Genesee Hill or who have just never gone to the auction. It is a fun, adult night, but it can be confusing if you have never been to an auction.  Below are 2 documents that were created for last year’s Disco themed auction (March 2019).  While some of the details may change, these links may help you understand a little more about what this is all about.  

Please also know that when we do seating arrangements, we pair up Kindergarten and First grade families with other newbees as well as experienced auction attendees.  You won’t be alone!

But the best way to learn about the auction (or just get involved in the school in general):  JOIN THE TEAM!  We have volunteer roles large and small both at the auction and in the months ahead.  You can do auction planning work from your home during the day or evening.  You can join a group, or work on your own. 

C’mon!  We promise you will have fun:  please contact Julie or Christine at