Auction Team

Our yearly auction is an amazing event and it would be impossible without our volunteers. Join us!

Below are the details for key roles on our team. At the moment, we are trying to make sure that we have volunteers to pick up donations for the dessert dash and the silent auction. Both of the after-event teams (wrap up and communication) need volunteers now as well so that we can develop a process and plan of action because they get engaged immediately after the auction.

We are always looking for administrative support (data entry, editing help) and for folk willing to drive around and pick up donated items. Please get in touch!

Dessert Dash Team

This team is responsible for recruiting dessert dash donors from the school community as well as procuring donations from local stores and bakeries. The day of the auction, they also set up the dessert table and oversee the dessert dash during the auction. Also responsible for providing business donors with receipts for donations.
Crucial responsibility for 1 or 2 people is picking up desserts the day of the auction from various donors and delivering them to a predetermined location.
For details contact Meredith Deviny, Dessert Dash Coordinator (, or general auction mailbox at

Volunteer Coordinator for Setup and Teardown, and Support for the Night of the Auction

Responsible for recruitment, training, and coordination of volunteers for setup before the event, at various stages during the auction, and cleanup after. Develops the schedule and timeline for volunteers for the entire day of the event. Maintains volunteer contact list.
This role is busy for 2 – 3 weeks prior to the date of the auction and should be prepared to stay engaged throughout the entire night.
For details contact Kelli Horner, Volunteer Coordinator for auctions 2015 – 17 (, or general auction mailbox at

Post Auction Wrap-up Team

Responsible for distributing remaining auction items, notifying party winners and signup events participants of the details of their respective events. This role is busy immediately after the auction, assuming responsibility for temporary storage of items purchased but not picked up after the event, remains engaged for another 4 – 6 weeks and continues to send out reminders as late as the end of the calendar year (depending on timing of signup events sold at the auction).
For details contact Amy Huey, Post Auction Coordinator (, or general auction mailbox at

Post Auction Communication Team

Responsible for sending thank you notes to all item donors and volunteers. Works with PTA to send thank you notes to top donors.
Requires attention to detail and willingness to get things done right. We are required to provide receipts (included in a thank you letter) for donations with value over certain amount. And more than anything, we want to show appreciation to our donors.
Work is done 1 -2 weeks after the event once the details of the sales are finalized.
For details contact

Setup Volunteers

This team shows up in the morning before the events and takes care of all things necessary to prepare the event venue (Seattle Design Center in SoDo) for the auction. We will need all kinds of helpers, from those to do heavy lifting to set up tables and chairs to those who will artfully display centerpieces.
Morning setup is almost a party in itself and a great community builder.
For details contact

Night of the Event Volunteers

Want to support the auction but not in position to do so financially? Want to be present at the party but don’t feel like dressing up? Volunteering during the event is a great way to contribute without technically being a guest. Responsibilities may include cleanup of the silent auction area and moving the items in preparation for checkout, bar sales support, sales data entry, raffle ticket sales, and more.
You get free admission to the auction and, while not seated, can still join the Raise the Paddle part of the event and any other activities while not scheduled.
For details contact

Cleanup Volunteers

We only have the venue available to us until midnight. We need a robust team of helpers to make sure that we take everything down and remove all of our items before we are required to leave. It’s a late night affair but it’s great fun.
You get free admission to the auction and, while not seated, can still join the Raise the Paddle part of the event and any other activities while not scheduled.
For details contact

Check in/Check out Volunteers

You can be the face of our auction team! Great the guest as they arrive and make sure that they are properly checked in, get their name tags, and are on the way to join the fun.
Checkout includes using our web-based auction software to confirm guests’ purchases, handing out any items won at the silent auction and any certificates to sign up events.
You get free admission to the auction and, while not seated, can still join the Raise the Paddle part of the event and any other activities while not scheduled.
For details contact

Live Auction Procurement

Responsible for procuring all of the items sold at the live auction. These items are usually bigger ticket items and/or packages that include multiple items from multiple donors. Procurement for them involves more direct contact with past and new donors and coordination within the team to reach our goals. Knowledge and connections with events and venues in West Seattle and greater Seattle area is a plus.
Live auction team members also work on entering items in the auction software system, writing descriptions for them, obtaining logos and images for the presentation and the catalog, as well as picking up any physical items.
Whether you have an interest in developing and procuring a new auction item or in reaching out to past donors from our community and re-procuring a successful item — this team is a good fit for you. We also have opportunities for those who do not want to make any direct asks but want to support this team in an administrative capacity.
Work begins as early as December, and January through mid-March are the busiest months.
For details contact Suzanne Shoemaker, Live Procurement Chair (, or general auction mailbox at

Silent Auction Procurement

Responsible for procuring all of the items sold through the silent auction. Most of the items are donated by the school families or are repeat donations from previous years. There is significantly less direct contact with donors than for live auction procurement. However, with 60 or more items, this position requires attention to detail, willingness to do additional research, and good writing skills.
Silent auction team members work extensively with the auction software, checking regularly for incoming donations, editing or writing descriptions for the items, and obtaining logos and images for display. One or more person should concentrate on picking up the items from the donors. It is beneficial for this team to participate in setup of the silent auction area prior in the morning the day of the event.
Work begin mid-January and continues through beginning of March.
For details contact

Social Sign Up Events Team

Have a good knowledge of events and venues local to West Seattle as well as around Seattle? Like to organize parties or group events? This team is a great fit for you. You will work with venues and/or donor families from school to set up adult social experiences and figure out the details and dates for the events, and make sure that the events are profitable and are run well.
The team is also responsible for entering the details for the events into the auction software.
Work begins in December – January, with event support provided as needed for all scheduled events.
For details contact