The membership challenge is back!

Genesee Hill Community, we hope you will consider joining the PTA this year.

The PTA actively grows a sense of community experienced by all students, parents, teachers, and staff. By joining, you choose the level of involvement you prefer, and there is no wrong way to PTA. But at general membership meetings, you get a voice and a vote.

Thank you to all of the 119 members who have already joined this year! 

The Membership Challenge is back for a third straight year. We are going head-to-head against our neighbor, Lafayette. It is a friendly competition to see which school can have the higher percentage of PTA members to their student count. The school with the greatest percentage wins.

All current members will count towards the tally. The competition will end on Oct. 21. The winner gets bragging rights for another year.

Even if you were a member in a prior year, you have to renew your membership but joining is easy and can be done online in a few steps here. To join with a fee waiver, click here.

The below graphic shows the current tally. We will provide updates throughout the duration of the challenge. Genesee Hill has 523 students and we have 119 members so far. We are hoping to reach 200.


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