Membership Matchup

We’re competing with Alki Elementary to see who can sign up the most new PTA members from Jan. 19 to Feb. 28 (at a 2-to-1 ratio since Genesee has twice as many students).

Remember that memberships need to be renewed each year, so check to make sure yours is current. Spread the word and encourage all your friends to join too! Lastly, scholarships to cover the $15 membership fee are available, just email Rallying together we can secure our community bragging rights and support critical PTA initiatives. 

In honor of the Matchup, our Legislative Chair, Victoria Bhegani, wrote this fun poem!  So get inspired, show your support, and join here today!


There once was a school called Genesee,

that was built on a hill near a very tall tree.

It’s a school that has moxy,

and foxes that are foxy.

It is a wonder to see.


Now Genesee- this awesome school-

is in a race that’s pretty cool.

We need to fill our PTA

with new members without delay.

For on the last of February,

they’ll all be counted, each and every.


Alki school will count theirs too.

And then, when all the counting’s through,

a clear winner will be decided

and poetry will be recited

by the losing school, and so-

if YOU don’t want our fox to go

down to Alki in this state

join the PTA- it’s not too late!


(Also PTA is tops-

and thanks for being

a fantastic fox!)

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