January Volunteer of the Month – Suzanne Eiler

Congratulations to Suzanne Eiler, January’s Volunteer of the Month!

“Suzanne generously gives her time to Genesee Hill. She quietly and calmly accomplishes any task that needs to be done. Her steady support of the Passport program is a great asset to the school!”

When asked why Suzanne chooses to volunteer at GHES, here’s what she said:

“I love volunteering at school because it’s important for me to connect with what Olivia is learning and to know the wonderful people who inspire her! I’ve volunteered in Olivia’s class since kindergarten in Mrs. Mears classroom. Chaperoning, Global Passport, and the auction keep me busy. Getting to know the kids and the parents is invaluable. My mom instilled a strong volunteer gene in me and Genesee Hill is one of my most favorite places to be.”

We are so thankful to Suzanne for her ongoing and positive support she gives to our school. Thanks for making our school a great place to be!

If you know of someone who should be considered as a volunteer of the month or are interested in how we choose from so many wonderful people, feel free to reach out to Rene Bibaud, our volunteer coordinator: volunteers@geneseehillpta.org

Please remember that the dedicated parking spot should be made available to Suzanne at all times. Please don’t park in the Volunteer of the Month parking spot even for a quick run into school. 

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