November Volunteer of the Month – Julie Riendl

What an honor to recognize Julie Riendl as our volunteer of the month.  Julie was our communications chair for two years, and has since passed her role on with a ton of support and assistance to ease the transition.  Julie is a fun loving individual who you may notice EVERY Thursday morning – rain or shine, helping with morning recess.  

Julie is mom to Caden – a 4th grader. Here’s what she says about volunteering at GHES:

Being a parent who works away from home, I really appreciate the many opportunities we have to volunteer and be a part of the school village outside of school hours. I know my son benefits greatly from our volunteer community and the energy of our educators, so when I get a chance to support them by unfolding tables or stapling flowers to walls, I’m happy to help out!

And here’s what others have to say:

“She is dedicated to the safety and emotional well being of the kids. She is always willing to step up and help when needed.”
“Julie Riendl is no less than amazingly fantastic. She is truly a pilar in the support system that makes our community function and feel like an inviting community. Julie can consistently be seen volunteering at the school early in the morning before she heads off to work. When she volunteered as Communications Chair for the PTA board, she donated countless hours to keeping everyone informed and communicating key topics. On top of all this, she’s witty and clever to boot!”
“She is absolutely amazing. You can find her on the playground in the morning before school (before she has to dash off to work), at least once a week, always with a smile. She kept our school community informed and in the know by serving as our communications chair on the PTA for 2 years, (2016/2017 & 2017/2018).  She can be counted on to help setup at the auction and has been there for the last several years.   We are lucky to have her support at our school!”

Congratulations Julie and THANK YOU for your time and talents.  We are lucky to have you. 

Julie will enjoy easy access parking for the month of November using that awesome spot right out front. 

Please be sure to keep it clear at all times. 

Know of someone you think should be considered for volunteer of the month? Please let us know.


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