September Volunteer of the Month – Amy Huey

What an privilege to acknowledge the hard working and enthusiastic parent volunteer, Amy Huey

A great idea was born as our school began to GROW – “How about supporting cohort related activities for each grade level to help families get to know each other and build community?”  And the Cohort Committee was born.

cohort activity is an optional, low-key social event to connect families within a grade level.  The PTA has conviction that a strong school community where people know each other and feel connected, especially as our school grows, helps maintain a culture of collaboration, respect, and volunteer teamwork.

Cohort events are meant to give families a chance to spend time together and extend conversations beyond drop-off and pick-up times.  Some of these are with the entire family, and some are adults-only.

Each grade level has it’s own cohort planning committee and that committee is then supported by Amy Huey, our cohort coordinator.

Amy does such an excellent job of helping new members learn how to organize events and is constantly checking to make sure the events planned line up with the mission and timing of our school and other events.

In addition Amy continually helps others by sharing her knowledge of PTA events and procedures in an extremely professional and supportive way that helps engage new folks in the process of volunteering in our school. 

Amy is the mother to Jake in 7th grade, Nathan in 5th and Bennett in 2nd grade.  We are so incredibly thankful to Amy for taking on the coordinator role and to help others get more involved. 

Please enjoy the special parking spot all month long. 

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