June Volunteer of the Month – Stefanie Kimbrel

Stefanie Kimbrel is the mom of a GHES Kindergartener and 2nd grader.  She offers a great to deal of time to our school through classroom projects and school-wide assistance.  She has logged an enormous amount of volunteer hours, and we are thankful to her for the amount of work she has given to our school. 

Here’s what the teachers had to say:

“Stefanie Kimbrel Hermel is an amazing volunteer.   She consistently volunteers – both on Wednesdays and Thursdays, helping in a myriad of ways, working with students, organizing materials, photocopying, prepping projects, putting up student artwork, and the list goes on and on!

She organizes class parties, distributes information, chaperones on field trips, comes in extra to help on special projects and for special needs.  Stefanie also helps on school-wide projects/activities too.  She is reliable, dependable, supportive, and does it all with a smile.  – Mrs Mears

 “Stefanie is always willing to step up for any support or help in or out of the classroom. Whether it is a project, we are in need of class snack or supporting students in the classroom, she is always there when needed! She is reliable and always someone I can trust if she has made a commitment to helping out our classroom. She is funny, kind and down to earth! She’s a great mom and member of our community. I have really enjoyed getting to know her over this past school year. “Ms. Mitchell

“Stefanie is such a deserving recipient of the Volunteer of the Month!  She is always willing to help out with school events, chaperone field trips and assist teachers in the classroom.   Stefanie is such a delight to work with.  She is dedicated, works hard, cares about the school, and does such a wonderful job working with the kids!”  – Kirsten Iverson

Congratulations Stefanie.  Thank you for all you do to make Genesee Hill a great place to go to school! Enjoy your dedicated parking spot in the front of our school for the remainder of the year.