May Volunteer of the Month – Kiki Elbel

Congratulations Kiki Elbel - May Volunteer of the Month

Kiki’s name comes up every time we discuss the volunteer of the month recognition and I’m so proud to finally announce Ms. Kiki as this month honoree.  

Kiki is involved in so many volunteer positions that it’s hard to keep track.  She has logged HUNDREDS of hours, donating her time to the student’s and staff of GHES.

Kiki provides support in the Global Passport program, The Global Reading Challenge (including the organization of materials too) study club, library support, book fair and so much more. 

People say Kiki “fills in the gaps” and is “behind the scenes” and is extremely appreciated by so many. 

When we asked Kiki to explain why she gets involved, here’s what she said:

“I love being apart of this community and watching my (and neighboring) children grow and learn! I was fortunate to assist with the IslandWood trip and witnessed some amazing growth in our 5th graders. My true passion is reading and encouraging others to read, so you will find me in the library most days, but I am always on the lookout for ways to help our teachers and staff for they have the most difficult job of all! “

I personally appreciate the joy and kindness she spreads to those she comes in contact with.  

Congratulations Kiki.  We appreciate you!

Kiki will be provided a special parking spot at the front of our school for the month of May. 

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