March Volunteer of the Month – Lisa McGinty


Congratulations to Lisa McGinty 

Lisa is new to our school this year having moved back to West Seattle after five years away in California and Michigan.  They moved back this Summer and Lisa hit the ground running. 

I first met Lisa at our VERY first volunteer opportunity helping fill back to school packets.  And she hasn’t stopped since.  She is a constant contributor at our school, helping in big and small ways sharing her talents and skills with our lucky students. 

She is one of those people who just consistently and authentically shows up - for other people, for friends, for the community. She is genuine and kind, always with a smile on her face. I've had the great good fortune of knowing her since our boys were in diapers, and on many occasions have personally benefited from her generosity and grace. She has a passion for Lincoln Park and spends a lot of her time volunteering there as well - West Seattle is better with her in it!" -Kristen Corning Bedford
Kristen Corning Bedfor
Friend and GHES Parent

Lisa is mom to Fin- a fourth grader in Mr. Junkersmans class and wife to Paul McGinty.  They also have a pet crayfish. (!)

Aside from her work at GHES she’s been an art director and designer for over 20 years. And she’s a Forest Steward and manages FLiP (Friends of Lincoln Park). With FLiP, she organizes and leads volunteer groups in urban forest restoration events at Lincoln Park.  She loves the snow and snowboarding with her family.

You can find Lisa, often at school volunteering in countless ways including library help, book club, class events and field trips, art auction project help and enrichment support!

When asked why shes chooses to volunteer at school, she said:

There’s always a need and I really enjoy helping teachers and staff, which in-turn, helps the students. Our students and school community are amazing!

We are so lucky to have her as a part of our community. 

Congratulations and thank you for all of hard work, Lisa! Enjoy your dedicated parking spot in front of the school for a month!

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