Volunteers Needed for Fall 2018 Enrichment

The PTA is seeking parent volunteers in exchange for priority enrollment and a 50% – 100% tuition discount for your child(ren). This is a great way to guarantee you will get the class(es) your child wants (plus skip the registration frenzy)! Volunteers are needed as follows:

1.    PTA Chaperones: The PTA requires 2 to 3 adult volunteers daily to act as chaperones in order for enrichment classes to be offered. Chaperones are needed to perform regular class check-ins, assist with attendance (if needed), and be available on campus to assist instructors in the event of an emergency.

 2.    In-class Parent Volunteers: Some enrichment classes have requested a parent volunteer to assist the instructor with attendance and classroom management: Art Wizards (1-5), Chess (2-5),  Creative Story Drama (1-2), Fashion Club (1-5), French (1-5), Lego Club (2-5), Little Coders (1-2), 3D Engineering (3-5),  Musical Minds (1-5), Spanish (3-5).

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the Enrichment Coordinator as soon as possible to receive a discount code for your child(ren).

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