Spotlight on Genesee Hill Sponsor: Snip-Its Kids Salon & Spa

Thank You, Duc and Brian

Snip-Its Kids Salon & Spa is a Silver Fox Sponsor for the Genesee Hill PTA. Duc and Brian are dads to kindergartner, Justine. They opened Snip-Its to provide a fun and magical place for kids to get their hair cut that was also relaxing for parents. Snip-Its turns an ordinary haircut into an adventure. From the bright colors to the cast of characters, there’s no mistaking they’re all about kids.

The fun starts with an adventure club pass that kids wear around their wrist while sitting in a styling chair that’s just their size. The stylists are specially-trained to work with kids of all abilities and offer kid-friendly fun, such as crackers, lollipops, bubbles, and tablets to ensure a great haircut. And at the end of the haircut, kids turn in their adventure pass for a prize from the Magic Box. Snip-Its is a walk-in salon, so no appointment needed.

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