Thank you, Angela and Jeff!

Here at Genesee Hill, you may recognize Angela and Jeff as the parents to Samantha (4th grade) and August (kindergarten). Outside of Genesee Hill, you definitely know them as the owners of Hotwire Coffee, Flying Apron, The Shack, and Havana Social Club. At Coffee with the Principal, you can thank them for the delicious coffee!

A little about Angela and Jeff:

Angela and Jeff have owned Hotwire for about two years, but were long-time regulars and personal friends of the previous owner and staff. They jumped at the opportunity to purchase their beloved coffee shop and they’ve been running the show ever since.

Jeff moved to Seattle, WA in 1992, planting roots through music, family, and various business investments (including building a small coffee/baked-goods empire). For those tuned into the local music scene, you’ll know Jeff as the drummer in local rock band, Hobosexual.

Angela was born and raised in West Seattle, attending Schmitz Park Elementary, Madison Middle School, and West Seattle High School. She was one of the first members of a little-know Seattle-based startup called… Six years and two kids later, Angela decided to leave Redfin to join Jeff in running their various businesses, pursue a black belt in martial art of Tang Soo Do, and (of course) shepherd their children, Samantha and August.

Other than Hotwire, the pair own and operate The Shack and Flying Apron, and are silent owners of Havana Social Club, employing over 50 people in the area! Jeff and Angela are entrenched in (and constantly seeking) new challenges and adventures with the goal of keeping Seattle truly locally owned.

Tap into their local roots at one of their delicious businesses:

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