Spotlight on Genesee Hill Sponsor: Brandee Paisano of Dog Jog

Thank you, Brandee

Brandee Paisano is the mom to Dresden in 4th grade at Genesee Hill Elementary and owner of Dog Jog in West Seattle, a Silver Fox Sponsor for our annual Move-A-thon.

A little about Brandee and Dog Jog:

My name is Brandee Paisano and I am a West Seattle mom and US Navy Veteran. I enjoy running, traveling, and photography. It was through these passions I was able to start Dog Jog.


Dog Jog provides your furry friends with one-on-one 30 minute runs or 15 minute potty breaks. We run through your local neighborhood, watch the seasons change, and take some really awesome photos of your pet while providing amazing care. We also recently expanded to house sitting so you can go out of town knowing your pup is in the best hands. Rain or shine, it’s Dog Jog Time!

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