Unity Night Tonight!

Be a part of our celebration!

Thursday, November 2nd
6 PM – 8 PM @ GHES

Unity Night is an evening designed to honor and celebrate the diverse backgrounds of the students and families that make up our school community.


This is an opportunity for students and families to share their own cultural heritage, appreciate and connect with the many cultural traditions represented in our school.

Enjoy food provided by families and local restaurants, games from around the world, live performances, and sharing artifacts from our cultures and traditions.

We encourage you to contribute foods and artifacts that are important to your family. Perhaps it is a story about a day you celebrate or a special meal you have every Friday. Waffles for brunch on Sunday? A favorite game or book? Perhaps thinking outside our religious or national identities to include all the traditions that make us who we are.

Please RSVP here  and if you would like to participate, let us know!

Why Unity Night?

Because we believe when a school community honors and celebrates the cultural traditions of ALL families, it helps every student feel valued, welcomed, and empowered to do his or her best. In learning about, honoring, and embracing our differences, we come together. To quote our school song: “we are all a family under one sky.”

Equity Leadership Team working Mission Statement

Genesee Hill Elementary’ s Equity Leadership Team will lead school-based efforts to create a community-rooted, inclusive and equitable educational environment. We will lead community-wide equity trainings, aim to empower voices from our community that are not often heard, and continually analyze and improve upon our school culture.

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