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Washington State Education Is Still Severely Underfunded

The recent recommended budget by our state legislature does not achieve the state’s paramount duty to fully fund education. Because of this, PTA funding is more necessary then ever to maintain the integrity of our children’s education.

To quote our Seattle Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Larry Nyland, “On July 26, the School Board adopted the final 2017-18 budget. […] The budget put forward by the Legislature does not achieve the state’s paramount duty to fully fund education. It also raises taxes for Seattle homeowners, results in budget deficits for the district, limits our local ability to make ends meet and restricts how we use any new state funding received.”

With that in mind, Genesee Hill Elementary is reaching out to our West Seattle Community to partner with us in bridging the funding gap. Your generous contributions will help us continue to support core fundamental needs like school supplies and classroom materials, library books, reading and math tutors, playground supervisors and equipment, and programs like geography, visual arts, library, physical education, and teacher professional development.

  • The Move-A-Thon, scheduled for October 12, 2017, is a special fundraiser in which students raise money for their school and celebrate fitness. The students, staff, and parents jog, walk, or skip around a 1/10-mile course for 30 minutes trying to get as many laps as they can.
  • Or, donate an item or service from your business to be used at our Auction on March 17, 2018. Genesee Hill Auction is an amazing community event bringing together over 400 parents, teachers, and staff.

For details on the sponsorship opportunities, click here.

For a procurement form, click here.

Questions? Feel free to email our Fundraising Chair, Olga Hasty, at fundraising@geneseehillpta.org.

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