Spotlight on Move-A-Thon Sponsors, Pt. 2

Nakean Media

Nakean Wickliff is father to kindergartner Craiggan. He is a local Seattle photographer specializing in outdoor portrait and landscape photography. If you need headshots, portraits, or just need to cover some wall space, he is your guy!  Check out his portfolio at



Hotwire Coffee | Flying Apron | Angela Cough and Jeffrey Silva

Angela and Jeffrey are parents to Samantha (3rd grade) and an incoming kindergartner. They are the owners of Hotwire Coffee ( and Flying Apron (

Flying Apron Bakery & Cafe is a GFCO certified and 100% dedicated gluten-free & vegan bakery & cafe. They pride themselves in using the best ingredients with an emphasis on non-GMO whole-grain flour alternatives, healthy oils and offer goods with sugar alternative sweeteners such as maple and agave.

Hotwire Coffee has been voted the best coffee in West Seattle for a number of years. Hotwire is an Internet cafe located in the heart of the West Side who prides themselves on hand-crafted espresso.


Sue Austin, co-founder of EvoFit (, is mother to Penelope (kindergarten) and Phoebe (1st grade). The EVOLVE by EvoFit program is designed specifically for women. The formula created by EvoFit of HIIT workouts, nutritional accountability, and a motivational and inspiring setting will help you evolve into the healthiest, fittest you.

Law Offices of Susan Carroll, PLLC

6041 California Ave. SW, Suite 101
Seattle, WA  98136
Phone: 206-452-5483
Fax:  206-452-5688


Rene Bibaud is mother to kindergartner Craiggan. Rene is a five-time world champion, former ESPN commentator for the sport of jumping rope and artist and coach of the renowned Cirque Du Soleil. She is an educator, motivational speaker, and entertainer with a special focus on fitness and specialty performances. Rene organizes jump ropes shows, workshops, and camps. Find out more at

West Seattle Runner

Owners Tim and Lori McConnell are West Seattle residents. They are long time supporters of all the schools in West Seattle and have donated shoes to the winners of the our school’s Move-A-Thon for the past two years.

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